Flying Piggies and Turtles: Two new FPV racing drones

SKYSTARS Flypiggy 95mm and Helifar Turtles 135mm

Flying Piggies and Turtles

Here, on we already wrote about many drones with weird design. We had flying frogs, flying eggs, even flying Santa Claus :). Now, it is time to introduce two more flying animals: the SKYSTARS FlyPiggy and the Helifar Turtles.

Both FPV drones are based on the popular F3 flight controller. According to your flying skills you can pilot on Air, Horizon or Angle mode.

While the smaller SKYSTARS Flypiggy 95mm drone is equipped with an unbranded 700TVL camera, the bigger Helifar Turtles 135mm quadcopter comes with the RunCam Micro Sparrow camera.

SKYSTARS Flypiggy 95mm

Due to its small size (95mm wheelbase), the SKYSTARS Flypiggy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Of course, because of the powerful brushless motors, indoor practice is suggested only for experienced pilots.

SKYSTARS Flypiggy 95mm FPV drone

According to your existing remote controller, you can opt between FlySky RX2A or FRSKY XM radio receiver.

SKYSTARS Flypiggy Features and specs

  • 3K carbon fiber frame with 95mm wheelbase;
  • Mini F3 flight controller with OSD;
  • 4-in-1 BLHeli – S 15A ESC with DShot support;
  • Powerful 1104 7500KV brushless motors;
  • 1830 five-leaf propellers;
  • 700TVL CMOS camera with 130-degree field of view;
  • 5.8G FPV within about 200 meters range;
  • Compatible with 2S, 350~600mAh LIPO batteries with JST connector.

Helifar Turtles 135mm

In order to allow great FPV experience as I previously mentioned, the Helifar Turtles 135mm is equipped with a high quality FPV camera from RunCam. Thanks to the adjustable broadcast power, you can fly it in almost any environment. While setting the VTX to 25mW, is just perfect for indoor and proximity park flying, 200mW allows FPV flights at far greater distances.

Helifar Turtles 135mm FPV drone

While the SKYSTARS Flypiggy comes with JST battery connector and 2S battery compatibility, Helifar Turtles features XT30 battery plug.

Helifar Turtles Features and specs

  • 135mm sized carbon fiber frame with 3mm arm thickness;
  • Micro F3 flight controller with built-in Betaflight OSD;
  • Remote PID adjustment;
  • GT1306 3100KV brushless motors;
  • 4-in-1 BLHeli-S 20A ESC;
  • RunCam Micro Sparrow 700TVL camera;
  • 5.8G, 40CH VTX with adjustable transmission power (0mW / 25mW / 200mW);
  • Status LED bar with built-in buzzer;
  • Optional FRSKY XM receiver.


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