Coming soon: Flywoo Mr.Croc-HD 5″ & 7″

Flywoo Mr.Croc

Flywoo‘s Mr.Croc-HD FPV racing drone comes in two size options. While the smaller 5″ edition features 235mm wheelbases and has 4s and 6s power options, the 7″ one has 285mm wheelbase and it is compatible with 6s batteries. Both 5″ and 7″ Flywoo Mr.Croc-HD drones come with onboard DJI FPV Air Unit.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Mr.Croc air-frame can be converted into 4 different shapes without removing any electronic parts. According to your preference, you can configure the arms as DeadCat, True-X, Hybrid, or Stretch-X style.

Designed for long-range flights, the versatile F722 flight controller is paired with GOKU M8B Mini GPS antenna. The detailed OSD screen provides lots of telemetry data including GPS coordinates and the number of satellites found.

Flywoo Mr.Croc-HD OSD screen

Flywoo Mr.Croc drone highlights

  • Two size options (5″ – 235 wheelbase and 7″ – 285mm wheelbase);
  • Convertible air-frame structure (DeadCat, True-x, Hybrid and Stretch-X);
  • GOKUF722 Flight Controller w/ Bluetooth configuration module;
  • 50A BLHELI32 ESC Stack;
  • GOKU M8B Mini GPS;
  • 5″ version has 2306.5 1750KV (6S) or 2450KV (4S) motors;
  • 7″ version has NIN 2806.5 motors;
  • DJI FPV Camera + Air Unit Module;
  • Multiple package options: BNF-DJI, BNF-DJI with Goggles or TBS Crossfire;

Flywoo Mr.Croc-HD parts details

Frame shapes (Deadcat, TrueX, Hybrid and StretchX)
Frame shapes (Deadcat, TrueX, Hybrid and StretchX)
5″ design
5″ design
7″ design
7″ design

Camera protector



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