FPVStyle UNICORN 220 racing quad

FPVSTYLE UNICORN 220quadcopter

UNICORN 220 – fast and durable racing quadcopter

Lately, I reviewed many racing quadcopters and I found them more interesting over the “regular” cruising quad-copters. There are good ones and bad ones but anyhow,  I’m thinking to contact FPVStyle in order to test their praised Unicorn 220 too.

The FPVStyle UNICORN 220 features a nice durable carbon fiber frame. Between the upper and bottom plates there is a 3D printed plastic frame which is available in 3 different colors (for the moment).

In the front port there is located a 700 TVL camera with 120 degree field of view. In order to obtain the best field of view, the angle of the camera can be adjusted (+- 45 degree).

You can opt for 25mW (CE – Europe) or 200mW (FCC) 5.8G FPV transmitter according to your local radio frequency regulations.

In order to allow great stability and maneuverability, like many other racing quadcopters, the FPVStyle UNICORN 220 is based on the popular SP Racing F3 flight controller.

Powered by a 1300 mA Li-Po battery, the advertised flight autonomy is about 9 minutes.

FPVStyle UNICORN 220 features and specs

  • Durable carbon fiber frame;
  • F3 flight controller;
  • Powerful 2204  brushless motors;
  • 700 TVL on-board camera with 120 degree FOV;
  • Optional 25 mW or 200 mW FPV TX;
  • OSD (flight data/telemetry);
  • Up to 1km control distance in open field;
  • About 9 – 10 minutes flight autonomy.

UNICORN 220 crash test video

FPVStyle UNICORN 220 package includes

  • Carbon fiber frame with F3 FC, 2300kv motors, 20A ESC and 700TVL camera;
  • 2.4G transmitter;
  • 3s 1300 mAh rechargeable battery;
  • Balance battery charger;
  • 1 set of propellers;
  • 5.8G FPV antenna;
  • Unicorn 220 user guide.


  1. where do i buy the propellers, i need extras, does anyone have the companies contact info?….FPV Style UNICORN 220 racing quad

  2. Nice design, flies well, unfortunately there are no spare parts available for the FPVStyle UNICORN 220 other than frame kit, motors and esc, so, if like me, you purchased from somewhere like GB and you have a fault on the flight controller, vtx etc. best of luck with the ‘warranty’, because for me it has and is still (a month later) proving to be rather frustrating…


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