FrSky VANTAC BQ210 FPV racing drone

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 drone

VantacRC in collaboration with FrSky, one of the most popular radio manufacturer, recently announced a very versatile racing quadcopter. The FrSky VANTAC BQ210 FPV drone features premium components like the FrSky F4 flight controller, T-motor F40 PRO II motors, Gemfan propellers, RunCam Swift camera and FrSky VS600 5.8G VTX.

The FrSky VANTAC BQ 210 comes fully built, tuned and ready to fly out of the box. You just need to bind it with your existing FrSky transmitter.

While most of the actual FPV drones are equipped with a 4-in-1 ESC, VantacRC opted for 4 pieces of individual 35A rated ESCs (one on each arm).

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 design

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 features & specs

  • 210mm sized carbon fiber frame (3.5mm arms and 2mm main body plates);
  • Versatile FrSky XSRF4PO F405 flight controller w/ integrated XSR receiver, PDB and SD card slot;
  • T-Motor F40pro II KV2400 brushless motors;
  • Gemfan 5152 3-blade propellers;
  • FrSky FlBls32_35A ESCs (Blheli32Bit Dshot 150/300/600/1200);
  • 4 Rubycon ZLH Low ESR capacitor booster;
  • FrSky VS600 48 Channel 5.8ghz w/ adjustable power (25/200/600mw) and VTX telemetry;
  • Runcam Swift 600TVL CCD camera;
  • Programmable tail LED strip;
  • XT60 battery connector (1300mAh 4s / 1500mAh 4s).

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 FPV system

In front of the VANTAC BQ 210 quadcopter is located a RunCam Swift camera. Angle of the camera can be adjusted according to your flight style. The camera is paired with a 48CH 5.8G video transmitter (VTX). The broadcast power can be switched between 3 values (25, 200 and 600 mW).


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