Holy Stone HS720E: Easy to operate entry-level 4K drone

Photo of Holy Stone HS720E

The HS720E drone is the latest release from Holy Stone that comes with upgraded specifications. On Amazon, it has an average review score of 4.5 from more than 1000 customers.

Like its predecessor, it comes with a 4K camera and GPS Real-time positioning. The camera can record 4K@30fps or 1080p@60fps videos. Through the mobile APP, you can display the camera’s real-time video feed on your phone.

Featuring a folding design, the Holy Stone HS720E is easy to carry around with the included handbag. Its entry-level remote controller has an LCD screen that shows telemetry details (like flight altitude and speed) about the drone.

The flight time of this quadcopter will surely bring a smile to many faces. Holy Stone advertises the HS720E with up to 46 minutes of flight time. The truth is that you can achieve this ‘amazing’ flight time by using two batteries, so actually, you have 23min/charge, nothing impressive.

Holy Stone HS720E features and specs

  • Compact size with foldable arms (13.3*9.5*2.3″);
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • GPS Real-time Positioning;
  • 4K camera with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS);
  • 3840 x 2160 photo and 4K@30fps/1080p@60fps video resolution;
  • 5Ghz WiFi real-time image transmission (1640 Feet FPV range);
  • The camera lens can tilt 90°;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Follow Me, TapFly, Point of Interest, and RTH);
  • 23 minutes flight time / charge;
  • About 3277 feet (1KM) control range.

Box content

Included accessories with the HS720E drone (Fly More combo)

  • Remote controller;
  • Two 7.6/2,800mAh batteries;
  • Battery charger;
  • USB charging cable
  • One set of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • User manual;
  • Carrying case.

Official promo video



    • I have the same problem with my new phone (oneplus), my last phone (Xiaomi) automatically created a folder and saved everything there

  1. After some research, I decided that I would buy the Holy Stone HS720E. It seems to have the pricing and features that I would like at least at this point. Do you know where it has the best price right now?

  2. If you are not able to afford the Dji drone, this HS720E is a great compromise. Best quad for under $300. Holy Stone Customer Service is top-notch from all!

  3. I recently bought a Holy Stone 720E. As I’m a newbie I practiced for a couple of around the house. As I got confidence I want to test the range limit of this drone. How far is safe to fly with such aircraft?

    • I have reached 2755 feet distance before losing video transmission farther than what written in the specs as 1644 feet. The controller signal is much farther than that.

  4. Love my HS720e. My first drone. Very easy to setup and fly. Video and pics a great.. only issue… 10 hours to charge two batteries…. sheeesh it takes a long time..

  5. The HS720e is my first drone, which I bought for myself at Christmas. I just want to let anyone else who is new to this hobby, that there is a small “wire” extending out from one of the drone’s arms – about 1/4″. Initially, I thought this was a plastic tag or some other sort of packaging, and I tried to pull it out. After researching this I found out this is a transmitter wire and I believe it’s supposed to be there. Again, I’m new to this and just wanted to point that out as it is not made clear in the instructions. Have fun!

    • A class 10 sd micro sd card with a maximum 128gb is what I’ve read. I ordered the SanDisk Ultra 128GB UHS-I Class 10 MicroSDXC Memory Card from Amazon for $18.

  6. The HS720E is the best-performing drone from Holy Stone. Best you can get for your money. Don’t get me wrong this is not a DJI Mavic 2, not has its features but for newbies is a great option.

    • Hey buddy how did you get it to start
      and setting cuz I’m disabled I’m 53 years old I’m old school and I really would appreciate it if you could either send me a video or tell me how to get my controller to compute on my drone so I can fly. Hannah how to get the how to get my phone to work like the camera on here if you wouldn’t mind helping me buddy

  7. Waiting for my Holy Stone HS720E drone. There was a sale recently, so I managed to get it at a discounted price of just $145. It will be my first drone so I started to watch YT videos about how to use it.


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