iEagle Explorer 6 FPV GPS quad

iEagle Explorer 6 all-in-one GPS FPV quadcopter

About this new iEagle Explorer quad we can’t say that is cheap, but we also can say that is a very high-end quadcopter with 16MP camera, GPS navigation system and first person view (FPV). The only lack, that I found at the first view, was regarding the FPV system that uses the 2.4 GHz Wifi band and probably will have some video latency.

The iEagle Explorer quadcopter has a very clean and professional design which reminds us of the well-known DJI Phantom quad copter.

iEagle Explorer is powered with an impressive 3cell 6950mAh battery that provides enough energy for 30-35 minutes of continuous flight.

iEagle Explorer 6 quadcopter specs

  • Camera: 16M pixels, Full HD 1080i with 60fps;
  • Supported mobile OS: iOS 6.1 and newer, Android 4.0 and newer;
  • 2212KV brushless motors;
  • 25A ESC;
  • Flight time: up to 35 minutes;
  • Battery capacity: 3S(11.1V),6950mAh;
  • Remote distance: up to 800 meters;
  • Hover precision: 1 meter;
  • Max rise Speed:6m/s;
  • Max descend Speed:2m/s;
  • Max Flight Speed: 15m/s;
  • Take off weight: Max. 1.5kg;
  • Propeller size: 9.5″;
  • Axial length: 350mm;
  • iEagle Explorer size: 293mm x 167mm x 79mm;
  • Available colors: white and black;
  • Package Size:46.5cm x 41.5cm x 26.5cm.

iEagle Explorer features

  • 16M pixel HD camera for aerial videos;
  • Very long control distance;
  • Dual control mode;
  • First person view flight;
  • Both Android and iOS support;
  • GPS location tracking technology;
  • Accurate GPS attitude and position hold;
  • One key auto return to home;

All the amazing features like return to home, position and altitude hold, very long flight distance and dual-control mode will make the iEagle Explorer a good alternative to the QR X350 and other DJI clones.

iEagle Explorer package includes:
  • The  quad copter it self;
  • 2.4Ghz transmitter;
  • 3cell, 11.1V, 6950mAh Li-Po battery;
  • iE-4D Gimbal camera mount;
  • 16Mp HD Camera;
  • 3s Li-Po battery charger;
  • 2sets of propellers;
  • Neck strap for the transmitter;
  • iEagle Explorer user manual.


  1. This quad-copter was announced 5 months ago and finally is ready for pre-order. The iEagle Explorer 6 with 16MP camera looks like a very interesting quad for aerial photography.

  2. Greetings and Salutations: I do hope that all is well, and that your week goes smoothly, my question is what’s the payload this iEagle beauty can carry in pounds? I would also like to know how much I can upgrade it. She’s a beaut, but I could make her into a “awesome more attractive power house”. Please tell me if it’s ok to add some LEDs to this already awesome quad-copter. This appears too good to be true, because I’ve been looking for such a quad to make some truly awesome videos for my Brothers band and my sky photography.


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