Coming soon: iFlight CinePick 120HD – 4s Toothpick

iFlight CinePick 120HD Toothpick

The CinePick 120HD will be the third iFlight drone announced today. It seems that they are becoming quite active at the end of the flight season. As its name says, it is built on a 120mm size frame with a toothpick design.

Despite being small and lightweight (~80 grams), it is powered by 4S LIPO batteries. Equipped with 4500KV motors and 2-leaf propellers I’m expecting quite aggressive flight performance.

The CinePick DeadCat layout (see picture below) eliminates completely the props from the FPV view. Soft TPU material helps to protect the camera and antenna during crashes. You can record the journey of your flights on-board without any additional gears thanks to the Caddx Baby Turtle HD camera.

DeadCat Toothpick layout

iFlight CinePick 120HD features & specs

  • 120mm size toothpick carbon fiber frame with 3D printed protective canopy;
  • SucceX Whoop 12A AIO flight controller board;
  • Powerful XING Nano 1105 brushless motors;
  • HQ 3020 2-leaf propellers;
  • Caddx Baby Turtle HD camera (no prop in view!);
  • On-board 1080P recording;
  • 4S/450mAh battery pack suggested.


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