Iflight TITAN DC2 HD for ultimate FPV experience

Iflight TITAN DC2 HD FPV drone

Packed in bundle with DJI FPV goggles, the iFlight TITAN DC2 HD drone is intended to provide the ultimate FPV experience. Of course, the top-notch hardware has its price, you can pre-order this new racing kwad for US$950.00 + shopping fee.

The Iflight TITAN DC2-HD is build on a 122mm carbon fiber frame with 3mm thick bottom plate. The powerful XING NANO 1404 4600KV motors can be equipped with 2.3~2.5 inch propellers. The duct blade protectors allow safe flight in any environment (indoor/outdoor).

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Its SucceX-A F4 flight controller comes with on-board 40A electronic speed controller (ESC). The FC has been tuned with smooth freestyle settings.

Iflight TITAN DC2 HD highlights;

  • Super lightweight (Less than 250 grams with 4S/450mAh battery);
  • No Props or frame in FPV view;
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings;
  • Low resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more Cinematic);
  • 122mm size carbon fiber frame with duct prop guards for safer flights;
  • On-board DJI FPV Air Unit 720p@120fps FPV feed (record in 1080p/60fps);
  • Integrated DJI radio receiver (compatible with DJI FPV transmitter);
  • XING NANO 1404 4600KV motors;
  • SucceX-A F4/40A BLHeliS true AIO board (FC+ESC);
  • 4S LIPO compatible.

Needed to be complete

As I previously mentioned, the TITAN DC2-HD is sold in bundle BNF package with DJI FPV goggles. In case you want to use a non-DJI transmitter, you will need a radio receiver and compatible remote controller. As power source, it requires a 4S LIPO pack with 450mAh capacity.

Main parts details

Design details
Duct blade protectors
Duct blade protectors
FC and DJI Air Unit wiring
FC and DJI Air Unit wiring

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