Invasion of MJX Quadcopters

MJX X300, MJX X400 , MJX X500 – New FPV Quadcopters

Today three new quadcopters from the MJX series were launched: the MJX X300, MJX X400  and MJX X500. All these quadcopters have an amazing design and are using the same GR-246 transmitter.

The MJX GR-246 remote controller has a throttle limit knob that allows the pilots to precisely set the flight speed. This feature is very useful and unusual for cheap transmitters.

The smallest one is the MJX X300 and has only 24 x 24 cm. This model has a built-in high definition camera that allows real-time video transmission. Using a 3.7V 750mAh battery, the MJX X300 has an impressive 15 minutes flight time.

MJX X400 and MJX X500 have the same size, 32 x 32 x 7 cm. Both of them can be equipped with c4002 HD Camera for aerial videography or with the latest MJX C4005 camera for real time video transmission.

Both of these aircrafts are powered with a 3.7 750mAh Li-Po battery.

Honestly, I don’t see much difference between these two models.

The MJX X500 quadcopter will be available in two colors: black and gold and the MJX X400 in red and white colors.

MJX X300, MJX  X400 and MJX X500

For the FPV mode you have to install on your smartphone the “MJXC RC FPV” software. This application is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The smartphone can easily be mounted on the top of the MJX GR-246 remote controller using the FPV Bracket.

All of these three new quadcopters from MJX X series are quoted at the same price: $79.99.

Obviously, near the Christmas, we will have a difficult decision to choose the best quadcopter among so many new models.



  1. Anybody know the physical size of the batteries for the X500? It seems to showing on a couple Chinese online stores – but without batteries.

  2. Just got this message regarding the differences between the MJX X400 and MJX X500 quadcopters:

    Sorry, we have only X400 right now. And this model is only for the China market at this moment.
    Meijiaxin Toys Co. Ltd.


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