Keyshare K2 selfie quadcopter

Keyshare K2 quadcopter

Keyshare K2 ultra compact quadcopter with fordable design

New year, new quadcopter models :). This Keyshare K2 quad is advertised to be a flying personal camera just perfect for making some awesome selfies.

The design of the aircraft tries somehow to imitate a crab but, in the center of the “head”, instead of two eyes it has a 12MP HD camera. The angle of the camera is set to 45 degree and unfortunately can’t be adjusted.

For easy and convenient transportation, the arms of the aircraft are foldable so you can take everywhere with you.

Those who are bored by the heavy and uncomfortable physical transmitters, the Keyshare K2 has none. It can be controlled easily with any Wi-Fi smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the control range is limited to about 100 meters.

The aircraft is powered with a 3s 2000mAh battery which allows about 10-12 minutes of play time.

In order to take the best selfies, this flying camera has many operation modes:

  • 360 degree circle hovering;
  • Indoor selfie mode;
  • Position holding selfie, fly about a fixed point;
  • One key selfi;
  • Dolly shot selfie mode.

Keyshare K2 quadcopter highlights

  • Intelligent selfie quadcopter;
  • Ultra compact foldable design;
  • One key take off and landing;
  • Intelligent auto return to home;
  • Accelerometer phone control;
  • WIFI first person view;
  • HD 12Mp camera for aerial filming and selfie photography;
  • Low voltage alarm;
  • Fallowing mode;
  • Circle hovering;
  • Position holding;
  • About 100 meter control range;
  • Up to 13 minutes play time;
  • Available in four vivid colors (blue, green, pink and yellow).

Images with the Keyshare K2


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