L109 PRO Easoul 4K GPS quadcopter

L109 PRO Easoul

The Easoul L109 PRO is an upgrade version of the popular MATAVISH 3 drone. The newer version comes with 2-axis mechanical gimbal, extended control range (1200m vs 800m), and more speed rates (3 vs 2). Besides the performance upgrade, the L109 PRO also gets a facelift by using black & silver colors instead of just boring gray.

Like most portable drones, the L109 PRO Easoul also features backpack friendly foldable design. When it is folded up it measures 16 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm. At the end of each arm, there is a powerful brushless motor.

Powered by a 3S/1600mAh battery, it claims to have up to 25 minutes of flight time, which is pretty nice from such an affordable 4K drone. In order to allow stable hovering in both environments (indoor and outdoor), it combines GPS positioning with visual positioning.

L109 PRO Easoul Design

Price and availability

Starting today (March 24) it can be ordered from Banggood. According to how many batteries you choose, the price varies between 139-179.99$US. This price includes the battery charger, transmitter, and spare propellers. For an extra 10 bucks, you can also opt for a storage bag.

Easoul L109 PRO drone features & cons

  • Compact size with foldable arms;
  • GPS positioning for super stable outdoor hovering;
  • Optical-flow positioning;
  • Pro-grade brushless motors (low noise & long life);
  • 7 level wind resistance;
  • Fail-safe auto return to home (low battery, rc signal loss);
  • On-board 4K camera (1920*1080 video and 3840*2160 photo);
  • 2-axis mechanical image stabilization
  • 5G WiFi real-time image transmission (600~800 meters range);
  • Intelligent flight modes (GPS Smart follow, Trajectory pointing and Surround point flight);
  • Triple flight speed rates;
  • Navigation LED lights (one under each arm + two frontal)
  • Up to 1200 meters control distance;
  • About 25 minutes of flight time.

Remote controller

As you can see in the image below the L109 PRO comes with a pretty nice remote controller. By folding up the phone holder, is revealed its status screen which shows useful telemetry data like GPS signal, number of satellites, remote and aircraft battery level, flight mode, flight speed, flight altitude, and flight distance.

Remote controller

The transmitter comes with a built-in 180mA battery which allows about 3 hours of usage. Thanks to the dual antenna system the upgraded remote controller has up to 1200 meters control range.

Easoul L109 PRO box content

List of accessories package with the L109 PRO Easoul quadcopter

  • Remote Controller w/ built-in battery, status LCD, and phone holder;
  • 3S/1600mAh flight battery (1, 2 or 3);
  • USB charger;
  • Pack of spare screws + compatible screwdriver;
  • Two pairs of spare propellers;
  • Drone instruction manual;
  • Two pieces of flannel storage bags (one for drone and one for RC).

A closer look on L109 PRO drone

L109 PRO Easoul motor
Easoul L109 PRO with foldable arms
Foldable arms
Easoul L109 PRO mobile APP
Phone APP main interface




  2. Bom dia eu tenho um drone l109 pro e meu cel caiu na piscina e joguei o manual fora eu precisava do QRCold p instalar no outro celular será q poderia me ajudar trabalho c foto panorâmica
    Good morning I have a l109 pro drone and my cell fell in the pool and I threw the manual away I needed the QRCold p to install it on the other cell phone could you help me work with panoramic photo

  3. Preciso de ajuda , pois a comunicação entre o controle e o drone estão com falhas e não existe manual com possíveis modos de correção.
    I need help, as the communication between the control and the drone is faulty and there is no manual with possible correction modes.

  4. Dear friend. Please advise how to cancel (RTH) return to home command, if accidentally pressed, or after automatically activated if signal failure/lost
    That’s because the drone dows not return exactly of the -take off-point but approximately 10-15 meters

  5. I recently bought this drone, very disappointed.

    My son has the beast sg906pro which is a far superior drone in every way
    Build quality is very poor, camera quality also very poor, wind resistance level 7 is not true, granted it is fast and responsive but very twitchy in the slightest breeze.
    The camera is very glitchy and lags quite a lot

    The app is not the easiest to navigate or follow
    Basic instructions are very vague
    Whilst flying this with my son using his beast sg906 which had full GPS mode 2, my L109 Pro could not receive gaps mode 2 at all, only gps mode 1.
    Not sure if I received a dud unit, however, I am not impressed with this drone

    The beast sg906 was cheaper and is a much more user-friendly and stable drone

  6. I got a brand new L109 PRO drone and the battery is showing one single blue light when I attempt to start the drone. And the USB red light is indicating that the battery is charged.

  7. Hello I bought the l109 pro drone back in April of this year. It’s a nice drone but have one problems with it. They sent the wrong instruction manual with it. I got the manual for the previous model which doesn’t help me with trying to know the drone better. The remote in the manual is not the remote I have so this manual is useless to me. Is it possible to send a pdf manual for the l109 pro? If so i would appreciate it. Thank you

  8. non riesco ad associare il radiocomando al drone chi mi puo’ aiutare, grazie.
    I cannot bind the remote control with the drone. Who can help me, thanks.

  9. posso carregar o controle msm com a carga pela metade, posso usar um carregar fast sharg
    I can charge the controller even with half the charge, I can use a fast charger

  10. How well does the gimbal work? I watched a youtube review that showed it did not work well compensating for roll.

  11. Dose it go the distance stated of 1200 meters? Image transmission how far before picture starts pausing and breaking up?

  12. Personally, I prefer the L109 PRO. it has match cooler design and a two axis gimbal!!! rest of the specs are very similar.

  13. this is a small drone where the XMR/C M8 seems to be a lot bigger. can you tell me which is the better of the two thanks.


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