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Featuring a large articulating live-view screen, the newly released MOZA MOIN 4K gimbal is considered the best DJI Pocket 2 alternative that you can buy in 2021. Let’s find out what other features makes the Gudsen MM the ultimate stabilized vlogging camera.

Gudsen’s first pocket gimbal has a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing 12MP photos (JPEG or JPEG/DNG RAW formats), 4K@60fps videos (up to 100Mbps), and up to 8x slow-motion videos (720p – 240 fps). In front of the 12MP sensor is a 14mm F2.2 (120°) lens attached to a 3-axis gimbal. Gudsen stands that their Moza Moin camera offers shutter speeds between 60 seconds and 1/8000th of a second and has an ISO range of 100–3200 (for both photos and videos).

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For an easy standalone operation (no mobile phone required), the Moza MOIN gimbal comes with an articulating touch-screen that folds out when in use. The IPS LCD has a resolution of 480X272 pixels and a size of 2.45″. The gimbal weighs about 165 grams and measures 129×37.8x32mm with the folded-in display.

Similar to DJI’s OSMO POCKET, it features creative shooting modes like Time-lapse, Slow-motion, Panorama, Staticlapse, Motionlapse, and Hyperlapse.

According to the manufacturer’s technical specs, the built-in 930mAh battery allows up to 145minutes of continuous working when recording 1080/30fps videos.

It features BLE 4.2. and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WIFI connectivity for an easy remote operation and fast file transfer.

Gudsen MOZA MOIN gimbal core features

  • Specially designed for vlogging and traveling (compact and lightweight);
  • 2.45-inch (480X272 IPS LCD) foldable touch interaction live-view screen;
  • 3-axis motorized stabilization;
  • High-performance high-definition imaging (4K@60fps with 100Mbps);
  • “Dongwei” algorithm, anti-shake before it happens;
  • 60 seconds long exposure, transforming into a master of night scenes;
  • High-speed continuous shooting;
  • 8X slow-motion videos;
  • Magic mode, one-click to create a film;
  • Advanced face tracking system;
  • Built-in battery for more than 2 hours continuous working (1080p@30fps).

Technical specs and main parts

Technical specs

  • Size of 129×37.8x32mm (with folded in screen);
  • Weights just 162.8 grams;
  • Pan: -230° to +50°, Tilt: -95° to 50°, and Roll: ±45° controllable rotation range;
  • 4K 3840X2160 with up to 60fps or Full HD 1920X1080 with up to 200FPV video recording;
  • 12MO 4000X3000 photo resolution;
  • Up to 256MB micro SD card slot;
  • Onboard BLE 4.2. and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WIFI connectivity;
  • Built-in 930mAh (7.14Wh) Lithium battery.

MOZA MOIN official trailer video

Gudsen MOZA MOIN gimbal review by Young360


  1. The IQ of Osmo Pocket 2 is much better!
    I would love to see a pocket gimbal with a 1″ image sensor and flip-out screen as the MOZA MOIN has.


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