SPCMaker Bat78 micro brushess FPV Whoop

photo of SPCMaker Bat78

The new SPCMaker Bat78 Whoop style brush-less FPV quadcopter comes with two power options. While 2-3S edition has 11000KV motors and RunCam Nano 2 camera, 3-4S version has 8000KV motors and RunCam Split 3 Nano camera. Both variants feature the same type of 5.8G VTX with adjustable broadcast power (up to 400mW).

As its name says, the Bat78 is built on a 78mm size frame with duct blade guards and plastic protective canopy. Its brain is a versatile AIO F4 flight controller with an integrated 20A speed controller (ESC). According to your existing remote controller, you can opt for the following radio receivers: AC900, DSMX Pro, FlySky FS-RX2A Pro, or FrSky XM+.

SPCMaker Bat78 features and specs

  • TinyWhoop style 78mm frame with protective canopy and duct blade guards;
  • F411 AIO flight controller w/ built-in 20A ESC (2-4S LIPO compatible);
  • 1103 8000KV (3-4S) or 11000KV (2-3S) motors;
  • GEMFAN 1636 40mm propellers;
  • RunCam Nano 2 (2-3S) or RunCam Split 3 Nano (3-4S) camera;
  • 5.8G 25/100/200/400mW NANO VTX;
  • Two power options;
  • Optional AC900, DSMX Pro, FlySky FS-RX2A Pro or FrSky XM+ radio receiver.

PCMaker Bat78 drone design

top view
Top view
Bottom view
Bottom view


  1. Hi guys, I need an instructions manual for my Bat 78 spc maker. Its was not included when I bought it. SPC maker looks like they have gone under as there is no support or email response from them. Can you help, please?


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