RadioMaster Boxer: Perfect budget TX for 2023

RadioMaster Boxer

RadioMaster claims that the perfect combination of size and ergonomics make the BOXER an ideal choice for FPV pilots on the go. Featuring full-size hall gimbals for precision control and an intuitive button layout, the RadioMaster BOXER gives you a compact radio without compromising on comfort and function.

In addition to the popular internal 4-in-1 Multi-module (CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105, and CYRF6936) and the CC2500-only version, the BOXER is now also available with a high-power, fan-cooled, 1W internal 2.4GHz ExpressLRS (ELRS) module. Designed to provide reliable long-distance control, minimal latency, and high refresh rates. ELRS is a revolutionary open-source protocol taking the R/C industry by storm.

The RadioMaster Boxer comes with pre-installed EdgeTX, an open-source radio controller software. The transmitter weighs about 530 grams and has a size of 235*178*77mm. It comes with an adjustable and removable T-shape antenna and a industry-first fabric handle. When is powered with a 2S 6200 mAh battery, it can be used continuously for up to 20 hours.

On the front panel, there is a 128*64 Monochrome LCD and two full-size hall gimbals for precision control. It adopts new low-profile latching SE switch and momentary SF switches.

Core features

  • Compact design with excellent ergonomics
  • Available with built-in ExpressLRS or 4-in-1/CC2500 MPM RF modules
  • 4-in-1 or CC2500 only version capable of up to 20dBm RF output
  • Featuring a powerful STM32VGT6 processor with 1MB RAM
  • Preinstalled EdgeTX firmware
  • Internal ELRS module capable of 1,000Hz refresh rate
  • Adjustable ELRS RF output (30dBm max FCC or 20dBm Max EU LBT)
  • Full sized V4.0 Hall effect gimbals as standard, upgradable to AG01 CNC Hall effect gimbals
  • New low-profile latching SE switch and momentary SF switch
  • QC3.0 fast charging support 2.0A MAX
  • Oversized battery compartment- Space for a 2S 6200mAh pack, up to 20-hour duration (Batteries not included)
  • Standard JR module compartment
  • Internal module cooling fan built in (ELRS version)
  • Versatile 6-position switch for flight mode access
  • Adjustable and Removable T-shape Antenna
  • Redesigned SD card slot with pre-loaded SD card included
  • Industry first fabric handle for improved portability
  • RadioMaster signature carry case and gimbal protector are included as standard to ensure your radio stays safe while on the move

FCC Version and EU LBT options

RadioMaster announced the Boxer radio in two versions to comply with FCC and EU LBT RF regulations. Check the supported protocols below:

Standard FCC Version

  • CC2500 (FCC) Version supports all CC2500 protocols
  • 4in1 (FCC) Version supports all MPM protocols
  • ELRS (FCC) is pre-installed with ExpressLRS ISM FW (Max power is hardware dependant)

EU LBT Version

  • CC2500 LBT Version (Europe) is limited to LBT-compliant protocols FrSKY X/X2 LBT & HoTT LBT
  • 4in1 LBT Version (Europe) is limited to LBT-compliant protocols FrSKY X/X2 LBT, HoTT LBT and DSMX
  • ELRS LBT (Europe) Version is pre-installed with ExpressLRS CE EU domain LBT FW (Limited to 100mw power output)


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