ROA Parkour 280 Racer quadcopter

ROA Parkour 280 Racing quadcopter

ROA Parkour 280 racing quadcopter with foldable arms

Frankly, I never heard before anything about the manufacturer of the ROA Parkour 280 racer quadcopter, but I’m already used with more and more “players” entry on the market. This is good because this way the price of the RC products are going down.

Last weekend I had my first flights with a truly racing quadcopter, the sensation can’t be compared with a simulator game it has much more adrenaline. I’m planning to order a FPV goggles in order to have a more realistic sensation. Any suggestion which model is better?

It seems that the CC3D flight controller has a great success on this market segment because many new racer models, like this Parkour 250, are based on it.

The canopy of the Parkour 280 Racer is replaceable and is available in three different color. This is a nice and useful feature when you have a race together with your friends.

In the front of the aircraft there are two bright LED lights and a SONY 700TVL first person view camera.

In order to allow a compact design and easy transportation, this ROA Parkour 280 quadcopter comes with foldable arms.

ROA Parkour 280 racer features and specs

  • Durable design with carbon fiber air-frame;
  • Based on the popular CC3D flight controller;
  • Compact design with foldable arms;
  • The angel of the FPV camera and frontal LEDs are adjustable;
  • Protection cover for the frontal camera;
  • The canopy is available in 3 different colors;
  • 200mW real time image transmission module for FPV flights;
  • Reliable brushless motors;
  • LED lights for night flights.

ROA Parkour 280 package includes

  • 280mm carbon fiber air-frame;
  • Plastic canopy (available in red, yellow and green);
  • Flysky 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitter;
  • 6 channel receiver module;
  • CC3D flight controller;
  • CCD SONY 700TVL FPV camera;
  • 5.8GHz 200mw image transmission module;
  • 4 pieces of 20A ESC Hobbywing;
  • 4 pieces of ROA 2204 2300KV brushless motors (2CW and 2CCW);
  • 4 pieces of 6040 propellers (2CW and 2CCW);
  • 11.1V 2200mAh 30C Li-Po battery (3s);
  • 3S balance battery charger;
  • Tail and head LEDs;
  • ROA Parkour 280 user manual.

Images with the ROA Parkour 280 Racer


  1. I have a parkour 280. I need spare parts now due to less than durable build on the base board electrics, I’m struggling to locate parts for it, i have flown it twice in 1 year , I like the drone, but not the standard radio its very basic with no digital screen and no instructions on how to set it up.

  2. This is great, can anyone help me, what do I need to fly this FPV? I’m kind of new, thanks in advance, I think is a great price for a racer.

  3. Does anybody knows how to bind this quad in PPM mode? it was working fine except when I armed it all the motors started to turn on Idle, so I connected it to Open Pilot to set the idle to zero and some how it is on PWM know.

  4. Do you planning to review this ROA Parkour 280 Quad?
    I’m looking for a nice affordable racing quadcopter, but I want to know more about this model…


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