Rutforce Str800 FPV Goggles with built-in DVR

Rutforce Str800 FPV glasses

Rutforce Str800 – Cheap FPV Glasses with 5″ LCD and integrated 40CH 5.8G video receiver

Biggest advantage of this Rutforce Str800 FPV goggles compared to my existing FPV glasses is the built-in DVR. This feature allows to record the journey of your flights without any additional devices.

Immediately as I found out about the Rutforce Str800 I contacted few of my partners to check if I can get one for review. Unfortunately the answer was the same: no predicted date of availability…

In order to allow good and stable live-video reception, the diversity 5.8G 40CH receiver is equipped with dual antenna system (mushroom and flat).

According to the specs, the built-in DVR allows not just to record your flight but also to review it right on the flight field.

On front of the FPV goggles there are 8 control buttons and a small status display. Two buttons allow to change the reception frequency and channel.

Rutforce Str800 FPV goggles highlights

  • 5 inch, 800×480 LCD screen;
  • Adjustable focus (for myopia);
  • Flexible head band;
  • Tripod mount hole;
  • Status LCD screen;
  • Integrated 40CH, 5.8G video receiver RX;
  • Dual antenna system (mushroom and flat);
  • Built-in DVR (support up to 64GB memory card);
  • Playback function;
  • Self powered (2000mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery).Rutforce Str800 FPV goggles highlights

Included with Rutforce Str800 HeadPlay

  • 1 pieces of 5.8G mushroom antenna;
  • 1 pieces of 5.8G flat antenna;
  • 7.4V 2200mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • STr800 user Manual.

Table of the receiving channels

Rutforce Str800 5.8G RX channels


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