September’s quadcopter reviews

September’s quadcopter reviews on

I’m planning to have an entertaining beginning of autumn testing two new quadcopter models and one gimbal, before the closing of outdoor flying season. I’m very curious regarding the XK Detect X380 model which will be my first GPS quadcopter that I test. I also plans to equip it with a brushless gimbal and a camera to make some quality aerial shootings.

Actually I already should have received the XK Detect X380, but unfortunately it didn’t passed the “security check” and went back to China, or at least that’s what they said to me. Have anyone had such experience with an overseas package?  This is another proof that the “fly back to China” hidden function works even when the aircraft is still in the box and is turned off. Isn’t that a bit scary :D?

The gimbal has already arrived, it’s one of the cheapest model on the market sold around $45. I already tested it of the quadcopter and I’m optimistic that it will do its job, even my family members were amazed about the way it maintained steady the camera.

For those who are interested to test and review their fist quadcopter, I’m currently performing a small contest where they can win a Syma X5C-1 which is one of the best flyer for beginners.

Next month’s upcoming product reviews

  • XK Detect X380 GPS quadcopter without camera and gimbal;
  • Syma X5SC Falcon with camera and headless mode (upgraded X5SC-1);
  • FPV Brushless 2D gimbal;
  • Cheap camera mounts with vibration reduction damping balls.

If you are interested to find more about one of these products, come back on my website and check my latest quadcopter reviews and multi-rotor news.



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