SKYRC GSM-015 GPS speed meter for drones

SKYRC GSM-015 GPS drone speed meter

The SKYRC GSM-015 is a very simple but effective gear which allows to measure your drone’s speed. Featuring built-in battery and 1MB flash memory it can record your flight stats for up to 2 hours.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight (only 45g), it can be installed on small FPV drones. The SKYRC GSM-015 GNSS will log your top speed, average speed as well as flight altitude of your racing quadcopter.

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Through the GpsLogger software you can download the data to your personal computer and upload to Bing Maps. Although there is a “GSM” word in the product name, it features only wired connection (no mobile network connectivity).

SKYRC GSM_015 GPS speed meter design

SKYRC GSM-015 GNSS drone speed meter features

  • Dual satellite positioning system (GPS & GLONASS);
  • Measure Top Speed, Average Speed and Top Altitude;
  • GNSS Coordinator;
  • Update frequency up to 10Hz;
  • Built-in 1MB flash (recording time: 2 hours);
  • UTC timestamp logged for each track point;
  • Built-in 200mAh LIPO battery (150 minutes working time);
  • GNSS LOGGER software for device management and data logging on Bing Maps;
  • Firmware upgrade possibility;
  • Compact size (65.7 X 39.6 X 20.8mm) and low weight (45 grams).

SKYRC GSM 015 LIP battery

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