STPHobby Aquila 7″ Long Range FPV drone

STPHobby Aquila 7

The STPHobby Aquila 7″ is built on a robust 295mm size carbon fiber frame. Seven-inch FPV drones can provide better flying feel and larger load, can mount a larger battery, improve battery life better compatibility, have a variety of action camera mounts, easy to deal with special design structures to reduce vibration in flight and make the flight more stable.

STPHobby Aquila 7 is available with two FPV options. While the analog edition comes with CADDX Ratel2 camera and RUSH SOLO high-power 5.8GHz VTX, the HD digital edition with DJI AIR UNIT.

Designed for long-range flights it comes with an onboard GPS module. The Blade F722 flight controller is matched with a 4in1 50A ESC board.

STPHobby Aquila 7″ features and specs

  • 295mm size robust carbon fiber frame;
  • Analog and HD Digital FPV versions;
  • BLADE F722+50A Sport flight-stack;
  • RCinpower SmooX 2806plus brushless motors with HQ 7*3.5*3 propellers;
  • Beitian BN-220 GPS module;
  • DJI AIR UNIT (Digital Edition) / Analog Edition CADDX Ratel2 camera
  • DJI AIR UNIT VTX (Digital) / RUSH SOLO (Analog) 5.8GHz VTX;
  • Rush Cherry FPV antennas (1/2);
  • Compatible with a wide range of action cameras including GoPro and DJI Action.
 Main parts
STPHobby Aquila 7″ main parts



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