TBS Tango 2 Pro: Transmitter for all RC enthusiasts

TBS Tango 2 PRO remote controller

The first TBS Tango 2 Pro reviews say that is the transmitter for which every RC enthusiast is waiting for. While it is super compact and lightweight, it comes with a built-in TBS Crossfire TX module and full-size gimbals. At first sight, the only “downgrade” from the first generation Tango RC is the lack of the FPV screen. Instead of the large life-view color LCD, it features only a smaller black&white status screen. Anyway, for those who are used to flying through FPV goggles, this will not be an issue.

The second-generation TBS Tango 2 remote controller comes in two versions: “Standard” and “Pro”. Both have the same software and similar hardware. Apparently, the only difference is the foldable sticks which allow easier transportation – you will not need extra gimbal protectors when you put it into your backpack. The antenna is also foldable for convenient storing. According to your needs, you can change the antenna position from horizontal to vertical polarization.

According to the technical specs, the onboard TBS Crossfire TX features max 250mW output power. Thanks to the “dynamic power” feature, transition power is automatically increased/decreased as needed. The actual power level is always shown on the OSD screen. The built-in 1s/5000mAh battery allows about 150 minutes of working time.

TBS Tango 2 (Pro) highlights

  • Compact size (210 x 85 x 160);
  • Ergonomic and lightweight (only 569 grams) design with comfy rubber grips;
  • Full size HAL sensor gimbals;
  • Foldable antenna w/ orientation change (horizontal/vertical polarization);
  • Ball-bearing
    • Configurable resistance and tension;
    • Adjustable throttle & pitch throw (+/- 10 degrees);
    • Spare spring set included for lower tension;
    • Foldable gimbal sticks (Pro edition only);
  • Robust, streamlined switches
    • 2x 2-position switches;
    • 2x 3-position switches;
    • 2x momentary buttons (on back of the transmitter);
  • Rocker dial and 3 button menu for super-simple navigation;
  • Digital rocker dial trim;
  • High resolution (128*96) black & white OLED display w/ back-light;
  • On-board TBS Crossfire TX module
    • CRSFShot for lowest latency and most direct response of any remote control available;
    • Range of up to 30km / 20mi from the palm of your hand;
    • Swivel-antenna that doubles as a kick-stand;
    • Up to 12 channels supported;
  • Built-in 1s/5000 mAh LiPo with USB-C 2A charging (2.5 hours for full charge);
    Speech audio output with audio jack & haptic vibration alert;
  • Open Source remote control operating system (FreedomTX, temporary fork of OpenTX);
  • 100+ model memory with included SD-card;
  • TBS Cloud compatible.

TBS Tango 2 Design: Switches, dials, buttons, and connectors

As you can see in the image below, on the front panel, besides the usual control sticks, there are only 3 control buttons (exit, menu, and page) and a navigation scroll weal.

In addition to the two 2-position and two 3-position shoulder switches, there are two momentary buttons on the back of the transmitter.

TBS Tango 2 PRO buttons and switches

Power switch, USB Type-C port, and audio jack socket are located at the bottom of the TBS Tango 2 transmitter.

Included accessories with the TBS Tango 2 Pro remote controller

  • Velvet Carry Bag with TBS Logo;
  • Springs Set (Default and Lower Tension);
  • 2 x Throttle limitation screws (with allen key);
  • Sticker Sheet;
  • UFL to SMA antenna pigtail (optional);
  • Tango 2 3D KeyChain.

TBS Tango 2 PRO accessories

By default, the TBS Tango 2 comes with high tension springs which can be conveniently replaced by lower tension springs if need it. In case you are a long-range pilot, the optional UFL to SMA pigtail allows replacing the stock antenna with a more efficient one.



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