TransTEC Beetle HOM with/for DJI FPV Air Unit

TransTEC Beetle HOM 130mm

While DJI’s FPV Goggles costs a fortune, many new drones come installed with the compatible DJI FPV Air Unit. If you count that you pay $310 for the TransTEC Beetle HOM, $530 for the DJI FPV headset and another 300 bucks for the DJI FPV transmitter, you will realize that this hobby is not so affordable anymore. Maybe the legacy (5.8G analogue) FPV system didn’t have the best image quality, but at least it was damn cheap.

TransTEC Beetle HOM features & specs

  • 130mm size frame with Whoop style blade protectors;
  • Specially designed for DJI FPV Air Unit;
  • TransTEC F411 HD flight controller;
  • 4in1 25A TransTEC Blheli_S 3-5S ESC;
  • TransTEC 1106 Freestyle motors;
  • Gemfan 2540-3 motors;
  • TATTU R-line 3S/750mah suggested battery.

TransTE _Beetle HOM design


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