Traxxas Aton quadcopter

Traxxas Aton

Aton quadcopter – Your personal video assistant

This new Traxxas Aton brings a new all-in-one concept in the world of multi-rotors by having a sporty design and offering the features of an aerial platform. The Aton quadcopter is the second model of the Traxxas manufacturer which is mainly specialized in RC cars.

The “Plus” edition of the Aton quadcopter comes additionally with a 2-axis brushless gimbal which is a must have for aerial filming. In order to compensate the extra weight of the gimbal and camera the Traxxas Aton Plus is powered with a higher capacity battery than the “Basic” version. The 5000 mAh battery allows to the fully equipped Aton Plus  about 20-25 minutes of flight autonomy.  The price difference between the “Basic” and “Plus” edition is about $105.

On the rear part of the aircraft there is a nice status bar with 4 bright LEDs. It was a great idea to use pictograms instead of using simple LEDs.

As previously mentioned, the Traxxas Aton quadcopter has a nice sporty design. When is used as racing quadcopter the landing legs can be removed to achieve even more aerodynamic form.

The Traxxas Aton transmitter has a more friendly look, unlike the big and heavy remote controller with whom I’m already familiarize.

Being optimized for all kind of pilots (photographer, fun flyer or skilled trick master) the Traxxas Aton has three working modes: “Film”, “Sport” and “Expert”.

Under the canopy of the aircraft there is a micro SD memory card slot which is used to upgrade the firmware of the flight controller. This way you don’t need to connect the quadcopter to your computer and install drivers and other tools.

Traxxas Aton features and specs

  • Sporty design;
  • Fail-safe return to home;
  • One key return to home;
  • Suitable for aerial filming and aerobatic flights;
  • “Find me” beeper;
  • Auto take off (film mode only);
  • Dual-mode GPS;
  • Reliable brushless motors;
  • Unique status LED indicators;
  • 2-axis gimbal (only with Aton Plus #7909);
  • Android and iOS APP;
  • Up to 28 minutes of flight time with 5000 mAh battery and without camera;
  • About 20-25 minutes of flight time with camera (Plus edition with 5000 mAh);

Included with the Traxxas Aton Plus

  • 2.4GHz transmitter;
  • 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro cameras;
  • 3s 5000mAh Li-Po battery (3000mAh with the basic Aton #7908);
  • Balance LiPo battery charger and AC-DC power adapter;
  • 4 pieces Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries for the remote controller;
  • 2 pieces of landing legs;
  • Vibration damped camera mounting bracket;
  • 2 mm hex wrench;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • Transmitter sticks (exchangeable with the thumb pads);
  • Quick-start guide;
  • Traxxas Aton user manual.

Image credits to Traxxas


  1. Just bought it. It’s fast, 50mph. Flies almost by itself.
    Stays within its own geofence of 400 feet high and a 500 foot diameter. When it reaches those limits, it automatically returns to home (determined by GPS positioning) and shuts itself off.

  2. I’m interested on the basic version, will work with third party cameras and gimbals? I want to use it with my GoPro 3+ an Zenmuse H3-2D.


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