WFLY T18 transmitter: Android OS & 7″ FPV screen

WFLY T18 remote controller

If you read our PNP, BNF, ARF, RTF comparison, you probably already knows that only RTF package includes a remote controller. In case of the rest, you will need to use your own transmitter. Featuring up to 18 channels, built-in W.Bus and PPM transmitters, the WFLY T18 can be used with many BNF and PNP drones. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated 5.8G receiver and 7″ FPV monitor it can be used with racing FPV quadcopters as well.

Based on Android operating system, the WFLY T18’s main interface can be easily personalised. You can create shortcuts just like on your mobile device.

Featuring two-way communication, in addition to the FPV OSD screen, it can be display real-time flight information directly from the flight controller’s sensors.

Unfortunately, the cool features are paired with a corresponding price tag. Advertised for almost $400, only few hobbyist will pull the trigger (even with Santa’s help :D ) for a such expensive RC gear.

WFLY T18 transmitter core features

  • Professional grade drone remote controller with built-in colour LCD;
  • RC Operating system based Android intelligence platform;
  • Double Receiver Connection. W.BUS and PPM Multi-bus mode;
  • 18 Proportional channels and 4096 high resolution;
  • 2.4G & 5.8G, Dual-Band, Two-way, High Speed and Long Distance Transmission System;
  • 7 inch high-definition (1024 x 600) FPV monitor;
  • Multi-sensor flight information monitoring system (GPS, Battery voltage, Temperature, Height, Distance);
  • With bearing assembly rocker, more accurate and comfortable manipulation;
  • High Precision SMT Potentiometers;
  • Extensible storage, support custom model pictures
  • Customizable main interface;
  • Mode conversion without take apart;
  • Online firmware upgrade.

On front panel, besides the usual control sticks and trimming buttons there 4 switches (two on each side of the RC). The manufacturer claims that their WFLY T18 remote controller can be switched between different operation modes, without taking apart.


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