Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis phone gimbal stabilizer for $39.99

photo of Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis gimbal

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Yuemi Technology is about to release its first phone gimbal. Despite that, the Xiaomi Yuemi features only one motor claim to allow smooth footage due to its powerful 32bit ARM process and 6-axis gyro sensor. The gimbal can easily be switched between portrait and landscape mode. According to the advertised specs, the Yuemi 1-axis gimbal weighs just 229 grams and measures about 190mm when is folded. The handle can be extended up to 42 ± 1 cm, and the stretching distance of the mobile phone holder is up to 11 cm.

Xiaomi Yuemi one-axis gimbal has 3 working modes: handheld, tripod, and telephoto. On tripod mode, you can take photos, start/stop videos remotely using the included Bluetooth controller.

The gimbal comes with a built-in 450mAh battery which allows up to 120 minutes of working time. In case that the stabilizer remains out of power, you can still use it as an ordinary selfie stick.

Xiaomi Yuemi one-axis gimbal highlights

  • Compact/lightweight design (only 229 grams);
  • One-motor stabilization;
  • 32-bit ARM processor + 6-axis gyro sensor;
  • Anti-shaking technology;
  • Easy to switch portrait/landscape mode;
  • Tripod, handheld and telephoto modes;
  • Extendable handle (420 ± 10mm,);
  • Removable and rechargeable Bluetooth mini-remote;
  • Built-in 450mAh battery for up to 2 hours working time.

Price & availability

This one-axis phone gimbal can be pre-ordered from Banggood with 43% off for only $39.99. This promotion price is valid for 100 orders. For the next 200 orders, the price will be $49.99.

Xiaomi Yuemi single-axis gimbal closer look

Xiaomi Yuemi design
Xiaomi Yuemi working modes
Working modes
Xiaomi Yuemi gimbal tripod mode
Tripod mode
Handheld mode
Handheld mode

Xiaomi Yuemi 1-axis gimbal telephoto mode


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