XIRO Xplorer 2 with obstacle avoidance

XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter

XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter with high-end features

Excluding its high price, everything else looks extremely good on this new XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter. Frankly, I don’t know how the guys from Xiro expect to sell this model on the price of a Yuneec Typhoon H.

2016 will be definitely conquered by the quadcotpers with anti-collision system. Thanks to the 360° “radar” sensor, this aircraft is capable to avoid collisions when encounters an obstacle. In my opinion, this new high-end feature will prevent many crash-lands (obviously if it’s well implemented).

The HD 720p downlink is another nice feature of the XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter. Based on the specs, this new Xiro model will have about 1km FPV range.

In order to achieve smooth and vibration free videos, the 4K camera is installed on a 3 axis brushless gimbal.

Being powered with a 4s 5200 mAh battery, the Xplorer2 has up to 25 minutes of flight autonomy.

XIRO Xplorer 2 features and specs

  • 4K@30fps camera for aerial filming;
  • 3-axis stabilized brushless gimbal;
  • 360° intelligent anti-collision system;
  • Five intelligent flight modes;
  • 3 flight levels, according the operator’s skills;
  • Circle hovering;
  • Fallow me function;
  • Waypoints flight;
  • HD real-time image transmission with up to 1km rage;
  • Suitable for indoor flights;
  • 4s 5200mAh li-po battery;
  • Up to 25 minutes flight time;
  • Social media share over the XIRO App;

Images with the XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter


  1. The Xplorer Xtreme combines the award-winning attributes of the Xplorer 2 with limit-pushing technology, like real-time video transmission capabilities of more than 2 KMs, 360 degree video recording and a cutting-edge design.


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