FlyColor Trinx G5 60A ESC: Fierce, Durable & Speedy

FlyColor Trinx G5 60A ESC

An Electronic Speed Controller, or ESC, is a crucial electronic component in battery-powered devices such as drones, RC cars, and other brushless motor systems. Its primary function is to control the speed and direction of the motor by regulating the supplied power. 4-in-1 drone ESCs, like this FlyColor Trinx G5, boast a compact and integrated design, housing four individual ESCs in a single unit. This streamlined construction saves space and reduces wiring complexity, making it an ideal choice for multirotor drones. With its lightweight design, this ESC minimizes the overall weight of the drone, enabling enhanced agility and maneuverability.

The ESC is an intermediary between the flight controller (FC), battery, and motors. It receives signals from the FC and translates them into precise pulses of electrical current that determine how fast the motor spins. FlyColor’s Trinx G5 ESC board can continuously handle 60A/channel (motor) or peeks of 70A for up to 10 seconds. In addition to speed control, the Trinx G5 ESC also manages the motor’s direction of rotation. It can change each motor’s rotation direction by reversing the polarity of the current sent to the motor. Motor direction can be adjusted in BetaFlight Configurator under the “Motor” tab.

ESC-FC wiring

FlyColor Trinx G5 60A ESC review

Disclosure: I received this 60A ESC board as part of a product review collaboration with FlyColor. Although the board was offered for free, all opinions in this article remain mine, and the sponsor did not influence me.

FLYCOLOR was founded in 2009 and hopes to become the preferred brand of intelligent brushless motor control systems for all RC enthusiasts. Their ESC range covers Agricultural UAVs, FPV drones, Airplane models, RC Cars, and RC Boats. For this review, Flycolor sent me their latest and most powerful FPV drone ESC, the Trinx G5. The ESC comes in a nice reusable plastic box with the following accessories: an XT60 battery cable, rubber grommets, silicone spacers, an FC cable, and a 1000μ/35V low ESR capacitor.


Trinx G5 is based on a high-speed 64MHz STM32G071 32bit CPU that provides 128Khz PWM frequency. FlyColor claims that this new MCU is 25% faster than its predecessor.

The ESC weighs 19.6 grams and measures about 45x41x8.3mm with a 30x30mm mounting pattern. The front side is fully covered by a 7075 aluminum-zinc alloy heatsink, exposing only the soldering pads. The back has a conformal coating for extra protection. It comes with pre-installed rubber grommets, and the motor number is labeled in each corner. I like the silicon spacers they have provided to compensate for the height of the FETs. Battery pads have dedicated holes for the low ESR capacitor.

Conformal coating

It has large LIPO and motor tabs, making the soldering process easy. Remember to supply heat for the minimum required time; otherwise, you can damage the circuit board. Setting my MiniWare TS101 to 400°C, I managed to solder even the thick XT60 cables effortlessly. 

Motor tabs

The FC connector has 10 pins with the following layout:

  • TX > Telemetry
  • CRT > Current meter
  • S1, S2, S3, S4 < Motor inputs
  • NC
  • VBAT output > VCC
  • GND, GND

If everything is wired correctly, you can get the current sensor data by selecting “ESC sensor” in the power tab of Betaflight Configurator.

To squeeze out the maximum from this ESC, you will need a battery that can handle 240A (60×4), assuming each motor draws an equal amp. Commonly, 5″ FPV drones are powered by an 1100-2000mAh battery. For example, a 1300mAh / 100C LIPO can deliver up to 130A continuously, so the Trinx G5 should not heat up too much. 

Max power

Price and availability

The Trinx G5 4in1 ESC board can be ordered via platforms like eBay and select authorized retailers such as 7-Basic and Team BlackSheep with a starting price of $85 for the US or €75 for Europe -this price includes the XT60 battery cable, Low ESR capacitor, FC cables, and mounting silicone grommets.

Technical parameters

Mounting pattern 30.5*30.5mm/Φ3mm
Weight 19.6g
Battery compatibility 2-6S lipo input
Low ESR capacitor Yes, 1000μ/35V
Max constant current 60 Amps
Burst current 70 Amps
Compatibility All Dshot and Proshot
Configurator BLHeliSuite32
Firmware target Flycolor_Raptor_5
Price/performance ratio
Included accesories
flycolor-trinx-g5-60a-escThe Trinx G5 60A has top-notch build quality, is easy to work with, and the performance is just what you need to win any drone race. The ESC is suitable for 4-7" FPV drones with 30x30 mounting pattern. <br> Pros <br> + High output power <br> + Large heatsink <br> + Conformal coating for extra protection <br> + Large soldering tabs <br> + Low ESR capacitor and XT60 cable included <br> <br> Cons <br> - Only 30x30mm mounting pattern (no 20x20mm) <br>



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