IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS quadcopter review

The Apollo from IDEA-FLY is a ready to fly quadcopter perfectly designed for aerial video hobbyists.

This aircraft with integrated flight control system guided by GPS and wireless 5.8Ghz image transmission for FPV can be a very powerful substitute for the much expensive Dji Phantom 2. The onboard GPS can provide advance flight modes like: precise position hold, fail safe auto return and semi-autopilot mode.

Flying with the Idea-Fly Apollo quadcopter can be remarkable even for professional pilots because is equipped with four high performance brushless motors, ESC and carbon fiber propellers.

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The aircraft mainly adopts the carbon fiber as material mixed with some high-strength engineering plastics which reduces weight and cost effectively. This material makes your flight with the Apollo quadcopter fulfill all your expectations.

All-In-One quadcopters are allays a compromise between price and features. Of course, you can’t get same video quality with a standard onboard camera like with a GoPro Hero3+. There are 5 different versions of this quadcopter, two of them are without any onboard camera. the Apollo’s price range is from $300 up to $560.

IDEAFLY Apollo quadcopter features:

  • Ready to Fly quadcopter, just install the batteries;
  • Very cool design, convenient for carrying;
  • Newest IFLY-C6W controller;
  • USB debug interface;
  • Precise Hovering and Self-leveling guided by onboard GPS;
  • Integrated 5.8G Wireless Image technology (only on version “C”);
  • Two-Axis Stabilization Gimbal (only on version “C” of Apollo, compatible with GoPro cameras);
  • Highlighted LED Indicator for night flights;
  • The Apollo quadcopter it’s equipped with four low noise and high performance brushless motors;
  • Failsafe with auto return and Go Home landing;
  • Low Voltage battery protection.

Apollo multi-rotor Specs:

  • Dimensions: 280mm*310mm;
  • Motor to motor distance: 350mm;
  • Power consumption: 3.12 Watt;
  • Takeoff weight: lower than 1200g;
  • GPS hovering: Vertical:± 0.8m and Horizontal:± 2.5m;
  • Max Yaw angular velocity: 300°/s;
  • Max tilt angle: 45°
  • Ascent/Descent speed: ±4m/s;
  • Max flight velocity: 5m/s;
  • Transmitter working frequency: 2.4GHz;
  • Live Video Transmitter frequency: 5.8GHz.

Idea Fly Apollo package includes:

  • IDEA FLY Apollo Quadcopter;
  • 6CH transmitter + receiver (depending on which version you choose);
  • Wireless Video Transmitter + Receiver (only on FPV versions);
  • Two-axis Stabilization Gimbal (only version “C”);
  • Landing Skid;
  • 3S, 11.1v 2200mAh battery;
  • Battery charger.

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