Mariner waterproof quadcopter

Mariner – the fully waterproof quadcopter

If you want to take aerial videos over rivers, lakes or the sea and you don’t want to be afraid of falling into the water you have to look after a water proof quadcopter.

You can find on the market several waterproof models. They are designed to survive a crash-land over the water.

The Mariner quadcopter is using the Naza-M Lite flight controller and it has all the important features. It can easily lift a GoPro action camera together with its waterproof case. Also, can be equipped with real time video transition system to perform FPV flights.

Using the Walkera 7 transmitter and the RX 701 receiver, the Mariner quadcopter has an amazing 1km flight range and up to 15 minutes flight time.

Mariner waterproof quadcopter features:

  • Perfect choice for taking aerial videos and still pictures in virtually all weather conditions;
  • Highly durable thermoplastic waterproof frame;
  • Two acrylic top covers, one for dry flying and one with waterproof air vent;
  • High performance Naza-M Lite flight controller;
  • Can land on water and take-off from water;
  • Can fly in rainy days;
  • GoPro action camera compatible.

On the video below you can see how amazing and unique is this quadcopter. You can easily land with it on the surface of a lake or river.

Can a quadcopter be used as a submarine? No, I’m not joking! On the second video, the pilot accidentally lands it up side down on the water. The props were under the water and when he tried to take-off the quadcopter started to go under the water about half of meter. The waterproof quadcopter frame worked perfectly and after several tries he finally managed to successfully recover his Mariner quadcopter.

Mariner amphibious quadcopter specs:

  • Frame size: 550mm;
  • Motors: 4215/650 KV specially treated brushless pancake;
  • 40A ESC;
  • propellers: Carbon-filled thermo-plastic 1238;
  • Flight time: up to 15 minutes with 4s battery;
  • Flight range: up to 1000 meters;
  • Battery: 4S 2500mAh 25C battery;
  • Net weight: 1150g;
  • Takeoff weight: 2000g;

 Mariner RTF package includes:

  • Waterproof quadcoper with landing skids;
  • 4pcs of waterproof brushless motors 650kv;
  • Waterproof and heat resisting brushless 40A ESC;
  • 5V8A UBEC;
  • 2 pairs of 1238 Carbon-filled thermo-plastic propellers;
  • Power distribution board
  • LED lights with low battery warning;
  • Naza-M Lite flight controller;
  • 4S 2500mAh 25C battery;
  • 6S balanced battery charger;
  • Walkera DEVO 7 transmitter;
  • Walkera RX 701 receiver;
  • Aluminum caring box;
  • Mariner quadcopter users manual.


  1. HI,
    I have a Mariner FPV factory quadcopter, the Devo 7 transmitter was dropped, and now cannot communicate with the drone, I purchased a new Devo 7 transmitter, and would welcome some help
    on how to bind with the Mariner. To get the new transmitter to connect with the Mariner drone.
    BTW, It has the Naza m v 2.2 flight controller.

    Thank you,
    Grant from New Zealand

    • Sorry to read about your issue with the drone.
      I don’t own personally this model, so i can’t provide exact details how to solve your problem. But, I own couple of Walkera drones, which are using the Devo 7 transmitter. In case of them is just enough to power on the RC than the drone. They support auto-bind without any special configuration.
      As I know the radio receiver is the one that binds with the transmitter not the flight controller. Try to look if the RX module has a bind button.

      Good luck!

  2. I’m thinking of getting my husband a waterproof drone for Christmas but need some help. I can’t figure out which one is better, which one to better, whether the Quad H20 or the Mariner Splash Drone.
    I also need help knowing which GoPro is recommended for either of these.

    • Hi Ginny,
      Both drones are doing quite well in flight and waterproof, compatible with GoPro cameras. But I think Splash is more better on price than the Mariner.

  3. Splash Drone Mariner II – Upgraded Mariner quadcopter is here!
    With mission planning app, payload release mechanism and emergency flare system.
    The new Mariner quad copter has up to 15 minutes of flight time.

  4. Don’t forget the Quad H2o, that is another amazing waterproof multi-rotor. The H2o Quad paired with the Zenmuse-h3-3D gimbal and a GoPro 4 camera can capture amazing footage below the waterline.


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