Skyartec FREE X Skyview

Skyartec FREE X Skyview GPS quadcopter with gimbal

I accidentally came across with this FREE X Skyview quadcopter from Skyartec. It was launched on the beginning of the 2014 and, unfortunately, it was removed suddenly from some on-line shops. There are two possible reason why it was removed from the market: either it has some hidden issues or it’s a 100% clone of another branded quadcopter.

The Free X SkyView is a versatile and affordable GPS quadcopter. Designed to do aerial filming with the latest GoPro 4 cameras, it is also a beginner friendly quadcopter because you can fly it right out of box. No need for any complex assembling, pre-flight settings or programming of the Free X SkyView quadcopter.


Installing the high quality self-tightening propellers on the brushless motors is very easy. Beginners will be guided on the installing process by some marks that can be found on the propellers and also the quadcopter ‘s arms. There is no way to install a wrong propeller on a wrong motor.

Using a 7 channel 2.4Ghz remote controller, the FREE X Skyview has an outstanding 1 km flight range.

The latest FreeX flight controller will always make sure that the Skyartec FREE X Skyview quadcopter will never show any out of control drift or out of control fly away behavior even if the GPS, magnetometer or compass are damaged.

For better flight performances or any other improvements, the Skyartec FREE X supports firmware upgrades by USB Dougle. Later I will upload the latest FREE X firmware in the download section.

After you received your new FREE X Skyview, just unbox your quadcopter, load the battery, install the propellers, mount the gimbal with few screws, put your GoPro 4 camera on, power it up, and you are ready to capture some outstanding 4K Aerial videos.

Skyartec FREE X Skyview

FREE X Skyview specification:
  • Motors : 4pcs of 2212-1050KV Brushless Motor;
  • Propeller size: out of the box it is equipped with 9 inch blades, but also supports 10 inch propellers;
  • ESC : 15AX Brushless ESC;
  • Radio receiver : Free X Receiver;
  • Transmitter : 7 channel 2.4Ghz Free X remote controller;
  • Battery : 3s 11.1V 2700mAh Li-Po;
  • Fight Control Board : Onetouch 4;
  • GPS flight control board : FREE-X GPS module;
  • Width and length: 280 mm;
  • Height: 191 mm;
  • Diagonal: 396 mm;
  • Colors: white and red;
  • Weight: 840g (Include the Li-Po battery).
Skyartec Free X flight parameters:
  • Fight time: up to 15 minutes;
  • Max Stern Rudder Angle Speed : 150 °/s
  • Max Angle of Inclination : 45°
  • Max Lifting Speed : 3.5m/s
  • Max Flight Speed : ≤30km/h
Free X transmitter specs:
  • Remote control frequency : 2.4GHz frequency hopping;
  • Number of channel : 7;
  • Output Power : < 100mW;
  • Current consumption : < 230mA(100mW/h);
  • Output Pulse : 1000-2000mS (SUB TRIM is 1500);
  • Outdoor control distance : up to 1 km.

 Skyartec FREE X Skyview package includes:

  • Free X RTF Quadcopter, tweaked and tested;
  • 4pcs of balanced high performance propellers (two CW and two CCW Blades);
  • USB Cable / USB Dongle for firmware upgrade
  • 2.4 GHz 7Ch Remote controller
  • 3s 11.1V 2700mAh Lithium Polymer battery;
  • Balance battery charger;
  • Optional Gimbal.

Probably the Skyartec Free X Skyview quadcopter is going to be your next best friend for all purposes: from your first fly and aerial filming to FPV (first person view) fly with 1 km range.


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