Request for flying testimonials

First quadcopter-testinonial

TO: Site Monitor

I would like to post some still pictures along with my comments. Can I do this? If so, how would I do it? If not I certainly understand. I don’t want to start my own web site and I think this site may grow with more content. I really love messing with these inexpensive Quads. I have never had an RC controlled device before or anything that flew under it’s own power. What a blast!!! I’m pretty handy, and repairing or upgrading the X5C is very straight forward for me . I’m an older guy and this is a fun hobby I can afford. You don’t need a $500 or $1000 Quad with high dollar maintenance costs to go out and fly on the cheap. Your in the same air space for less than $100 and have a stack of batteries to boot.

Please let me know.


Dave L


  1. Hello Roland,

    I was glad to hear from you. I am looking forward to sending you some of my Mods and hope they help other people. As you can tell from my request I am more interested in the fun aspect of these Quads than in spending a lot of money.

    I will put together an article and send it along. You can let me know what you think and decide if I can submit another.

    I thought you might like a little back ground on myself so you can better understand my writing and perspective.

    My name is Dave Luton and I am 64 years old. Been married to the same woman for 43 years. We live in a small town 35 miles northeast of Denver Colorado. I have worked at repairing everything from Vacuum Cleaners to Locomotives. My greatest love is building cars and trucks for fun. I’m not a restorer but more of a Hot Rod type. I believe you can improve most anything with a little thought and experimentation.

    Thanks for the opportunity to submit an article. I really enjoy that type of thing.



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