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Radio receivers

Nowadays most common radio receivers are with 6 and 8 channels but you can find versatile 2.4Gh radio systems with up to 16 channels. According to the adopted modulation, radio receivers can be categorized in:

  • PWM RX (Pulse Width Modulation);
  • PPM receivers (Pulse Position Modulation);
  • CPPM receivers (Combined PPM);
  • SBUS receivers (Serial Bus  aka S.BUS);
  • DSM2/DSMX receivers (Digital System Multiplexer).

Radio receivers for drones and quadcopters

Just few of the best radio receiver brands: FrSky, Futaba/Spektrum, iRangeX, RadioLink, FlySky and Walkera.

Which type of receiver should you use?

Tough question, When it comes to choosing one I would personally suggest FrSky radio system for multi-rotors but I also like the much cheaper FlySky radio.

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