DHD is a relatively new quadcopter drone brand. Their first model was the DHD D1, which is probably the smallest drone that we are review it on FirstQuadcopter.com

DHD D5 mini foldable sElfie drone under 25$

DHD D5 quadcopter
Following the success of the JJRC's Elfie, lately the drone market has been invaded by many similar "selfie" quad-copters like this DHD D5. Like the original, the DHD D5 adopts the same fold-able design with two frontal LED lights. Camera is also 0.3MP (480p video resolution) with WiFi real-time image transmission. Frankly, excepting the top logo there are not too...

DHD D3 aka Happycow 777-382 SKY Phantom

DHD D3 drone with meshed protective case
Thanks to its meshed protective case, the DHD D3 looks like the first drone in the jail :) Joking aside, the DHD D3 quadcopter seems to be specially designed for first-time pilots. The full protective case allows 100% safe indoor flights. Anyway, in my opinion the extra weight of the frame must have some negative impact on the flight performance. While the DHD D3 was announced...

DHD D1 pocket quadcopter review

DHD D1 drone review
Pocket quadcopters like this DHD D1 are appreciated because they are affordable and extremely portable. For beginners, I always recommend starting with small and inexpensive models. Crashes always happen and it’s not a good idea to throw out the window a $500 model. There are many interesting micro quadcopters on the market and is a tough decision, especially for newbies, which one worth more. On...