XINLIN drones and aquadcopters

Xinlin is a relatively new drone brand, they are focused on small and medium sized toy drones. Xinlin, recently announced their first GPS drone.

XINLIN X8G cheap GPS quad in 3 variants

XIN LIN X8G GPS quadcopter
XIN LIN X8G powerful brushed quad with GPS Now, thanks to the cheap toys like this XINLIN X8G, mainstream features like GPS positioning, system and altitude hold, are becoming widely available. The XINLIN X8G drone was announced in 3 variants. While the most expensive one comes with a complete 5.8G FPV system (FPV camera and monitor), the cheapest one comes without a...

X183GPS super cheap double GPS drone

X183GPS 5.8G FPV quadcopter
Personally, I have mixed fillings regarding brushed GPS drones like this X183GPS. I'm not sure that it would worth thickening so much technologies into quad-copters with a weak point like brushed motors. Anyway, for only $150, the X183GPS quadcopter with complete FPV system seems to be a great deal. Thanks to the GPS positioning system, the X183GPS features precise hovering and orbit...

XinLin X181 FPV quadcopter review

XinLin X181 review
My biggest curiosity at the time I knew that I will receive this XinLin X181 quadcopter for review, was what could it mean that it is equipped with "similar brushless motors".  As I know, currently there are two kinds of electric motors used on multi-rotors, brushed and brushless ones. While the only advantage of brushed (DC) motors is that they are cheap, the brushless ones...

XINLIN SHIYE X198 GPS drone for less than $200

If you are looking for a good GPS enabled drone for a nice price offer, then you should check this XINLIN SHIYE X198. In addition to the powerful brush-less motors and full HD camera, it comes with many nice features (like Follow me mode). The brushless motors are more reliable than the coreless motors. They are also comparatively more efficient and...