Axisflying CineON series: C30 & C35 CineWhoops

CineON - Born for Cinematic!

Axisflying CineOn C30 & C35

Axisflying’s new CineON series comes in two sizes. While the C30 is equipped with 3″ propellers, the C35 uses 3.5″ ones. Both versions adopt Whoop-style blade guards and are available with analogue or HD digital FPV equipment. This all-new Axisflying CineWhoop series is lighter, stronger and, thanks to the 4-screws guard swap, also way easier to maintain! They also look stunning in these Clear Black and Clear Cyan colours. If you checked my Foxeer FoxWhoop25 review, you will notice you will see how similar the two drones are in terms of color and design.

The Axisflying CineON series uses the F722 AIO flight controller board with built-in 40A. The FC has dedicated LED pins and DJI Air Unit / RunCam Link plug for easy connectivity. It supports IBUS, SBUS and CrossFire\ELRS radio receivers.

Axisflying CineON C30 and CineON C35 technical specs

  CineON C30 CineON C35
Flight controller AIO Board-F722 FC AIO Board-F722 FC
ESC Power 40A (2-6s) 40A (2-6s)
Propellers 3″  3.5″ (Gemfan/HQ D90-3)
VTX RunCam Link
Walksnail HD
RunCam Link
Walksnail HD
Camera Caddx Nebula Pro
Walksnail HD Camera
Caddx Nebula Pro
Walksnail HD Camera
Radio receiver TBS Nano RX/PNP TBS Nano RX/PNP
Action camera mount Yes Yes
Price $239.90 – $399.90 $285.90 – $449.90


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