BetaFPV Cetus FPV combo Kit (Drone, RC & Goggles)

Your first all-in-one FPV Whoop combo

Photo of BetaFPV Cetus drone

A few months ago I was contacted by BetaFPV regarding the opportunity to review their upcoming Cetus FPV kit. This all-in-one combo kit includes everything you need to start your FPV journey. The tiny brushed drone is packed with LiteRadio 2 SE transmitter and VR02 FPV headset. The kit also includes two 300mAh batteries and a compatible charger.

Adopting Whoop style duct blade protectors the BetaFPV Cetus drone is safe for newbie pilots as well for indoor practice. Their teaser video show how durable is this little drone. Thanks to the altitude hold function the Cetus drone can Auto-Hover even when the pilots’ hands are off the transmitter. This feature is active only in ”N’ flight mode.

Price and availability

Starting with May 10, you can order the Cetus KIT from the manufacturer’s website and many RC retailers. From Banggood you can get it for $199.99 plus the shipping fee.

BetaFPV Cetus core features

  • Brand-new FPV kit for all novices, everything is in a bag, ready to fly, zero-entry barrier;
  • With 3 different flight modes, pilots can quickly experience different levels of operation difficulty. Also, this drone automatically disarms when you land or crash, which will be helpful for beginners;
  • Packed with a BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 SE remote control, extremely cost-effective for entry through the machine;
  • Included BETAFPV VR02 goggles with 4.3 inches 800*480px HD high brightness LCD, which will show you a bright world without warped and blurred images, which is specially tuned for FPV racing or Model airplanes;
  • All parts are stored in a special customized carry case, which provides better protection and is easy to carry.
  • Being fairly priced, this kit is the best gift for your children, girlfriend, and anyone who wanna start their FPV journey.

Three different flight modes at your fingertips

Pilots can choose from 3 different flight modes according to the actual flight environment and their flight skills. The selected flight mode is displayed in the lower right corner of the FPV screen. Toggling between flight modes can be done using the switch ‘SB’.

  1. Normal Mode (N): When the drone ascends, center the two joysticks at the same time, and the quadcopter will maintain a fixed point in a horizontal attitude. The position of the direction joystick controls the tilt direction and tilt angle of the quadcopter. The quadcopter has an auxiliary flight function that can assist in adjusting the altitude and horizontal position, which makes it easier for the pilot to control. N MODE is displayed in the OSD.
  2. Sport Mode (S): When the aircraft ascends, the pilot needs to operate the throttle joystick to control and adjust the altitude of the quadcopter. The position of the direction joystick controls the tilt direction and tilt angle of the quadcopter. When the direction joystick is moved back to the center, the quadcopter will return to a horizontal attitude. The quadcopter has no auxiliary flight function, which makes the operation relatively difficult for pilots. S MODE is displayed in the OSD.
  3. Manual Mode (M): When the quadcopter ascends, the pilot needs to operate the throttle joystick to control and adjust the flight altitude. The position of the direction joystick controls the roll direction and the roll speed of the quadcopter. The quadcopter will maintain its current attitude when the direction joystick is moved to the center. The quadcopter has no auxiliary flight function, and the flight attitude and altitude are completely dependent on the pilot to control the quadcopter by the remote control radio transmitter, which makes the operation very difficult for the pilot. M MODE is displayed in the OSD.

Cetus drone flight modes

Tehnical specifications

  • Positioning system: Optical flow / Barometer / Laser
  • Angle Locating: Optical flow ( effective height 0.3-3m);
  • Accuracy of auto-hover: Horizontal ±0.2m, vertical ±0.3m (under no wind environment);
  • Flight controller: Lite 1S Pro brushed FC
  • Built-in receiver protocol: Frsky D8;
  • 5.8 Ghz VTX: 25mW;
  • FPV Camera: C01 FPV Micro Camera;
  • Motors: 716-19000KV Brushed motor;
  • Propeller: 31mm 4-blade 0.8mm shaft hole;
  • Takeoff weight: 35g(with battery);
  • Power system: 1S;
  • Flight time: 4-5min;
  • Flight distance: 80m (in wide & undisturbed environment).

Cetus FPV combo kit content

  • Cetus Brushed Whoop Drone;
  • LiteRadio 2 SE Radio remote controller;
  • BETAFPV VR02 FPV Goggle;
  • Two pieces of BT2.0 300mAh 1S Lipo batteries;
  • BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester;
  • USB Charging Cable (Type-C);
  • USB Type-C to FC Adapter;
  • Set of 4 x 31mm 4-blade spare propellers;
  • Prop Removal Tool;
  • Portable Storage Bag.


    • This FPV kit is for learning to fly FPV not to capture cinematic footages. If you want you can record the FPV footage, but the quality is very poor.


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