BetaFPV Cetus Pro brushless FPV kit: From Zero to Hero :)

BetaFPV Cetus Pro

The biggest upgrade of the BetaFPV Cetus Pro compared to its predecessor is the brushless motors which provide more power compared to brushed ones. With 3 modes, you can start your FPV journey at a stable, basic level – and then progress. If you’ve ever felt that FPV is too difficult to tackle, this is the kit for you! The box includes all the parts required for your first FPV flight.

The 360° blade protection allows safe indoor flights. It comes with two batteries, so you can charge one and practice with the other one. Its 1102 type 18000KV brushless motors are equipped with 40mm 3-blade props, which is makes it more powerful and manoeuvrable. 

BetaFPV Cetus Pro core features

  • All-in-one RTF beginner-friendly brushless FPV drone kit with included remote controller and FPV goggles;
  • BetaFPV Cetus Pro is robust and fast, allowing you to fly faster, race, and even (with practice!) do freestyle flying. It’s also powerful and blew us away in its wind resistance testing;
  • Features a light 1-2S Pro Brushless FC and the PA12 material frame, making it more durable in flying. Meanwhile, the 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe flights both indoors and outdoors;
  • When the quadcopter falls to the ground upside-down, simply activate Turtle Mode with your transmitter to turn it over. No walking through the fields for this;
  • With 3 different Flight Modes, pilots can progress from beginner to intermediate to fully manual FPV flight;
  • The drone automatically disarms when you crash or the voltage is low – a terrific feature for beginners;
  • Ships with a special customized case, providing better protection and a convenient way to transport the Cetus Pro.

Technical specifications

  • Optical flow/Barometer/Laser positioning;
  • Position locating: Optical flow (effective height 0.3-3m);
  • Accuracy of auto-hover: Horizontal ±0.2m, vertical ±0.3m (under no wind environment)
  • Lite 1-2S Pro brushless flight controller with built-in Frsky D8 radio receiver;
  • 5.8Ghz 25mW FPV transmitter;
  • C02 FPV Micro Camera;
  • 1102-18000KV Brushless motor;
  • BT2.0 450mah 1S Battery (4-5min flight time).

Choose the flight mode that suits your skills!

  1. Normal Mode: When the quadcopter ascends, centre the two joysticks at the same time and the quadcopter will maintain a stable hover. The position of the direction joystick controls the tilt direction and tilt angle of the quadcopter. The quadcopter has an auxiliary flight function that can assist in adjusting the altitude and horizontal position, which makes it easier for the pilot to control. N MODE is displayed in the OSD (on-screen display).
  2. Sport Mode: When the quadcopter ascends, the pilot operates the throttle joystick to control and adjust the altitude of the quadcopter. The position of the direction joystick controls the tilt direction and angle of the quadcopter. When the direction joystick is moved back to the centre, the quadcopter will return to a horizontal attitude. S MODE is displayed in the OSD.
  3. Manual Mode: When the Cetus Pro drone ascends, the pilot operates the throttle joystick to control and adjust the flight altitude. Positioning the direction joystick controls the roll direction and roll speed of the quadcopter. The quadcopter will maintain its current attitude when the direction joystick is moved to the centre. Flight attitude and altitude are completely dependent are now up to you! If you’ve gone through the first two modes and are comfortable, this will be a breeze. You’re there!

Box content

  • Cetus Pro Brushless Whoop FPV drone;
  • LiteRadio 2 SE transmitter (Frsky Protocol)
  • BEATFPV VR02 FPV Goggles
  • 2 x BT2.0 450 mAh 1S Lipo batteries;
  • Battery Charger and Voltage Tester;
  • USB Charging Cable (Type-C)”
  • Type-C to FC Adapter;
  • Prop Removal Tool
  • 4x 40mm 3-Blade spare propellers;
  • Portable storage bag.



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