Calibrating the Eachine E58 drone: Step by step guide

Calibrating and resetting the Eachine E58 drone

As lately I got many comments regarding how to calibrate the Eachine E58 drone, I thought it would be helpful to make a step-by-step guide about it.

Sometimes after minor crashes, toy drones start to fly abnormally even if there are no physical damages (like faulty propellers). Performing gyro-calibration can solve sideward flying or other flight disorders.

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You can reset the Eachine E58’s gyro settings in two different ways, either using the remote control or through the JY UFO phone APP.

Calibrating Eachine E58 drone by RC

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by remote controller

  • Step 1: Turn on the remote controller;
  • Step 2: Long press the power switch to turn ON the Eachine E58;
  • Step 3: Place the drone on a horizontal surface;
  • Step 4: Bind the transmitter with the drone by pushing the throttle stick to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position. Solid light will indicate successful bind;
  • Final step: Move both sticks to lowest right corner (like in the image above) for about 2-3 seconds. LED lights will start to flash rapidly. Wait few seconds till the lights are solid again and you are done.

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by phone APP

Calibrating the Eachine E58 through APP is even more easier. After you connected to drone with your phone. You need to enter the settings menu (like in the image bellow) and select the “Gyro calibrate” icon. First, the LEDs will start to flash rapidly, than steady on. Finish! That was all, you are done and ready for your next flight 🙂

Calibrating Eachine E58 drone by APP


  1. I can only view my camera through a wifi connection on the app on my phone. But once i leave the house i lose the wifi connection. I turn on my mobile phone hotspot but it wont connect to the drone and i’m unable to view anything through the app on my phone from the drones camera.

  2. Every time I fly my drone, immediately after takeoff it starts moving in circles and loses control, I have the guard on, but there is very little wind. Anyone know what to do?

  3. My problem is that as soon as I insert the charged battery into the drone one propeller start to operate on high speed. That should not happen. Don’t know how to fix this.

  4. Hi,
    From unknown reason after some days it stopped flying up. Not all 4 propellers working altogether. I see each of one works separately perfect but maximum 2-3 propellers together.
    Can you please help me how to resolve this?

  5. My drone flew for about 3 days just fine with only one or two minor crashes. At one point, I commanded it to do a flip. Instead of a flip, all the motors shut off and it crashed on the lawn. But I was able to get it to fly again. Now, when I give it the auto take-off command, it launches up and flips back to the left and crashes. No amount of resetting, either by the controller or app, will correct this. Any ideas?

        • The only response I’ve received so far is that they believe the gyro has somehow malfunctioned or has gotten damaged. They did offer a replacement but also wanted me to remove my negative comment on Amazon. Unless this replacement arrives soon, the comment will remain.

    • the propellers are in the right order? can you measure the battery voltage, fully charged it should be around 4.20v

    • Look to see if the shaft to motor(s) that the leaves (propellers) screw on to are slightly bent. I had to replace the two front (camera side) as after a hard crash both shafts were slightly bent, though barely noticeable, causing the drone to immediately angle downward making a vertical lift off impossible. After replacing the two front (left and right axis), problem resolved.

  6. When I go into WiFi in my phone settings I cannot locate the wifi address for the eachine e58 ? Can anyone tell me what to do please …

  7. When I use the Control panel on my mobile phone and press the record button it records perfectly. But when I try to record by pressing the record on the remote I get the two beeps but no record at all. Everything else works fine. (I tried to use the mobile to record and to use the remote to fly as I prefer the remote but the wifi will only let one device operate at any one time. By the way how do the engineers get commands into the drone ? do they plug something like an encoder into the flight pcb? before assembly. Just curious !
    Kenny Patterson

  8. no me funciona en modo manual, alguien me puede explicar en español como sincronizar los mandos para
    poder manejarlo.

    it does not work in manual mode, someone can explain to me in Spanish how to synchronize the controls for
    can handle it

  9. hello yesterday I received my E58 and when I plug the battery inside the drone the front right fan starts working without even turning on the drone and doesn’t stop no matter what I’m doing.
    do you know how I can fix that.

    • hi,
      it sound like a short-circuit or flight controller failure.
      you should contact the seller and send the a video the eachine e58

  10. Any solution for the remote beeping non stop no matter what? The drone works since it can be controlled via the app but the just keeps beeping


  11. bonjour
    je n’arrive pas à me connecter en wifi
    j’ai ce message sur l’appli jy ufo cannot turn on wifi you can turn on wifi in settings alors que je suis bien conecté en wifi au drone.

    I can not connect to wifi
    I have this message on the app UFO can not turn on wifi you can turn on wifi in settings while I am well connected to the drone wifi.
    thank you

  12. Good evening I got a E58 for Christmas and although I can get the footage on my phone and take photos the video keeps saying ‘cancel record plan’.
    How do I get around this and record footage?

  13. When I am trying to connect, new receiver eachine e58 with phone there is no wifi connection show for the eachine e58. Old eachine reciver board was damaged so bought a new receiver board but its not connecting with the phone no connection showing for it.
    How to solve it?

  14. I was enjoying the drone very much but after a few crashes the drone is not stable when he flies.
    I try to calibrate it, tried to fly with remote and via smart phone. All the motors are working and I can fly it but I have to trim it constantly (not like in the beginning) . Sometime when i land it some of the motors continue to work. Any idea what is the problem?? Motor or receiving board. How can I find the problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • on the app go to the settings button. on the drop down there is a but call REV. press that and it should flip it back. That lets you flip between the two views.

    • In the app top right click the menu button (last on the top right). Then click the first Icon “Rev” and that should reverse your image.

  15. my drone E58 will not bind to controller at all. when turning ON my drone the light only flashes rapidly for 5 seconds then flashes very slow.. it worked well before. now it only works with my cell phone only..

  16. there a way to make the video clear much better or you have a suggest a video to replace much better in capturing the video machine E58

  17. E58 drone, where I can find spare batteries with only one I can not understand anything, when I seem to have understood something the drone will download
    And if you can give me a tip, how to do it as soon as the drone rises from the ground how do you hold it down I’m a beginner

  18. Thank you for this tutorial!
    Can you add a description on how to do the fine tuning as well? Whenever I try to fine tune my E58 it gets totally out of control. It always ends in a crash or emergency landing. The manual is no help.
    Thank you.

  19. That’s great. Going to give this a try as you rightly stated after a couple of minor bumps the unit started drifting straight away so hopefully this helps

  20. I liked the information on how to calibrate the E58, very good.
    Gostei da informação sobre como calibrar o E58, muito boa.

  21. Just got the eachine e58 drone and it was all going ALLRIGHT when it just started not to fly so I asked a friend of mine and he fixed it but then before I could connect the drone to my phone but now I can’t connect my drone to my phone please someone help me

  22. I just bought E58 today and after unboxing and connecting the battery the right front motor started spinning at full speed and will not turn off… Any ideas why this is?

  23. Just got the E58 (newbie) and can’t connect via WiFi with the drone. It came with WPS security activated and nowhere a default password. Can annoying help?



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