Cheap drones for Christmas 2017: JJRC H66 and JJRC H67

Cheap drone gift for Christmas 2017

Like me, probably everyone wants to be the “cool guy” which offers the best Christmas gifts. These days, toy drones became affordable and widely available, also very popular among the kids. Honestly, being a parent, I prefer to give my child a drone with which he can play outside rather than a video game that keeps him in the house in front of the screen.

Tips for buying drones as Christmas gifts:

  • Start with budgeting. You can find drones as low as $15 but also 100 times more expensive models;
  • If you are buying drones for kids (under age of 14th), then do not go for expensive ones. Look for small and lightweight models.
  • I recommended gifting drones with camera and FPV (more fun, about the same price);
  • Supply the gift with at least one spare battery and one set of spare propellers;
  • Always check if the drone flies correctly before gifting it. Load the remote controller with batteries, they usually come without (you don’t want to know how hard is to get them during Christmas evening).

JJRC, a serious player on the toy drone market just announced two new mini drones, the H66 X-mas Egg and the H67 Flying Santa Claus. While they adopt different approaches, both are intended to brighten the Christmas spirit.

JJRC H66 X-mas Egg Christmas drone

The H66 X-mas, follows the basic idea of the KaiDeng K130. It adopts the same Egg design. In order to bring the Christmas spirit, the H66 is painted in green and red just like a X-mas tree.

JJRC H66 X-mas drone

Equipped with 720P camera, JJRC H66 allows to record videos as well as capture still photos. Featuring WiFi FPV, you can display the camera’s real-time image feed on your smartphone.

Like the JJRC H47, the H66 also comes with one-hand G-sensor controller. The aircraft can be also controlled through the JJRC APP.

Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the JJRC H66 X-mas drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level.

JJRC H66 X-mas drone in gift box

H66 X-mas features and specs

  • Christmas tree alike design;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor flights;
  • Multiple control modes (RC and APP);
  • Altitude hold (auto hover);
  • Headless flight mode;
  • 720P WiFI FPV camera;
  • About 50 meters control range;
  • Up to 6 minutes play time.

JJRC H67 Flying Santa Claus Christmas drone

Sold for only $22, the JJRC H67 is one of the cheapest Christmas drone. It features ducted propellers which makes it very safe for kids.

JJRC H67 drone

In spirit of Santa, the entire aircraft is fully red and it is able to play X-mas songs. On top of the aircraft can be attached a Santa Claus figurine.

According to the technical specs, the 260 mAh battery allows about 4 ~ 5 minutes of fun time. Luckily, the Li-Po seems to be swap-able, so you can load a charged one in just seconds.

H67 Flying Santa features and specs

  • Adopting Ducted propellers is very safe for kids;
  • Santa Claus brick figure included;
  • Christmas song playing;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home;
  • About 4~5 minutes of play time.

JJRC H67 Christmas gift

I wish to all my readers the best Christmas ever!


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