Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22 the most expected quadcopter of 2015

Looking for my first GPS quadcopter I found out about this new Cheerson CX-22 multi-rotor. Its launching was just announced on some quadcopter blogs.

One of my option for my first GPS quad was the older CX-20 because it has the most attractive price on the market. After I read about this new model I decided to wait for it.

Today I contacted my favorite online shop to ask about the availability of the Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter. I got a very assuasive answer that they will have it in stock and ready to order till the end of April.

Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter

Best price with Gimbal and Camera

What more we can expect from this new model compared to the older popular CX-20:

  • Quality soldering, a lot of quadcopters are fell out from the sky because of poor wire soldering.
  • No more flyways;
  • Longer flight time. This can be achieved with higher capacity battery and well designed propellers;
  • Onboard camera for first person view flights (FPV system);
  • Fallow me functionality;
  • Telemetry and mission planner by default;
  • 5.8Ghz transmitter with extended flight range and LCD screen to display the flight parameters;
  • Open source flight controller (FC);

When I will have more details about the specs and features of the Cheerson CX22 I will update this post.

Updates on 22.05.2015

-added 18 images with the Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter;

-the product was just listed on BG’s website for $819. Package includes: CX-22, 2D gimbal, FPV 1080P camera and FPV LCD monitor.

Updates on 06.07.2015

-the product’s price just dropped to $759;

-the CX-22 was finally reviewed by the BG’s technical team, they added some photos from inside of the aircraft and the brushless gimbal.

Updates on 15.08.2015

– FPV LCD display:

  • Screen size: 7″;
  • Resolution: 800x600pixels;
  • Range: about 800-1000 meters;
  • built in battery.

-The package also includes a waterproof carrying case for the CX-22;

-Firmware upgrade not available, yet;


  1. does anyone have an wire diagram for the cx-22 my boards where burnt bought new ones and they sent em not being lathe together my wires on old one where off so cant go off on that thank you

    • Hi Paul,
      That charger is probably for the FPV monitor. To charge the built in battery.
      I’m very curious how it performs the CX-22. If you have time and mood, maybe you can write a short testimonial/review with some photos and I will publish it.

      • Hi there thanks for the reply I found that out on you tube thanks. But I have a big problem with the CX-22’s main battery after charging it it will not go back in the quadcopter.
        it has seemed to swelled.I have got it in half way in and it has jammed.What can the problem be I haven’t even used it yet.

  2. It is a very interesting Quad but NOT for $650! Unfortunetley, the CX22 is extremely overpriced compared to the phantom 3 standard. Are you planning to review this Cheerson quadcopter?

  3. The real Cheerson will not be available until next Christmas, I am not going to be a Cheerson Beta Tester unless I go one their payroll.!

  4. Just got this Quad and I need a instruction manual for it
    Any idea where I can download the CX-22’s user manual? I did’n find it on the Cheerson’s website…

  5. I would not buy it. Cheerson QC sucks. The entire built of their quads is flimsy. At the price they are selling it I would get the new Phantom 3 Standard at $799. That’s a no brainer to me. I don’t care about GLONASS.

  6. Looks great, can´t wait to get my hands on the new CX22 Cheerson. But the price of nearly 750$ is heavy. Do you think this will be a success?

  7. The availability date is pushed out to October. Probably is something wrong with the mass production or it still has some unsolved issues.

  8. I hope people aren’t goint to spend that kind of money on a thin bodied low technology piece of plastic. The Phantom cant be beat.the software is a little behind but the truth is the phantom 3 advanced is 999.99 and it can be upgraded beyond ur belief.i own two and they cannot be beat

  9. Not just two, but will be 3 versions of the CX-22
    CX-22 “Beginner = RTF, that includes the battery, transmitter and aircraft, estimated price around $350-$400
    CX-22 “Advanced”= Includes additional to the “Beginner” package a brushless Gimbal, price around $450-$500
    CX-22 “Professional”= Full FPV package, includes the CX22 with battery, transmitter, Gimbal, FPV camera (proprietary) and a 5.8GHz LCD monitor price somewhere between $550-$650
    I think the actual price ($750) of the PFV package is a fantasy of the seller&manufacturer and a bad dream of the buyer….

  10. New images are revealed with the FPV version of the CX-22. The gimbal is totally plastic and the camera looks like a tennis ball :).
    Honestly I will order the basic version of this new Cheerson quad, hopefully will be more affordable.
    By the way, the price has dropped again, now it is $759!

  11. The price is dropping, now is listed for $885.
    I canceled my order for the previous Cheerson model and i decided to wait for this new improved one, but still nothing about the real availability of the CX-22.

  12. Today I had a chat on Facebook with the guys from CxHobby (the manufacturer of the CX-22). They say that the cx-22 quad will be on stores only on August and the wholesale price will be around $700 for the complete fpv solution. But they will reconsider the price, so hopefully will be more affordable.

  13. I think the C-X22 is still in the manufacture’s lab, and they are just testing the market for the price that they could sell it.
    $947 is almost the price of a DJ Phantom 3 and sounds more like a joke than the fair price.

  14. Few months ago I crashed my Cheerson, since then I waiting to order this new improved model.
    Please share your review about the CX-22 quad.

  15. Is ridiculously over priced! For this price you can buy a Phantom 3!
    In my opinion, the fair price of the CX22 will be around $500 with 2-axis gimbal and HD camera.

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m in touch with 3 quadcopter merchandisers, two of them promised the availability for preorder of the Cheers CX-22 starting with 10 of June and shipping with July.
      If I understood well, will be two versions of it: CX-22A and CX22B. Both will have telemetry (battery status and signal strength) and dualGPS (GPS and Glonass).
      Regarding the 5.8GHz HD FPV system I not got any confirmation yet. The base model will be around $400 and the full version of the Cheerson CX-22 will be almost $700.

  16. I contacted few of the biggest quadcopter merchants about the new Cheerson CX-22. They do not even have heard of this new model, but they find it interesting and promised that it will have it in stock until June.
    I’m very curious about the final price.

  17. Some quadcopters are diamonds and others are stones. Cheerson already proved that can make a real jewelry. The new CX-22 will be probably the next Phantom 3 killer!

  18. I like the longer flytime. Hopefully it can be bought without a camera I might not like. But let’s wait and see first.

  19. The Cheerson CX-22 Premium will be delivered with 2D brushless gimbal and GoPro alike action camera.
    Few of the main specs: Flight time around 20-25 minutes and Dual GPS positioning system.

  20. I need more details about the features and specs to know if it worth to wait for this new Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter or I should buy the older open sours version.

  21. Any news about the CX-22 quad?
    I’m planning to move from my X5C to something bigger. I focused on the CX-20, but I decided to wait for the new model. Any idea when will be released?

  22. Wow, this is good news. I was thinking about to buy my first GPS quad like you, and the CX-20 is a good option for the price. But now let’s wait for this one.
    The CX-22 will be more expensive or the CX-20 price will drop?


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