Cheerson CX-20 User manual

Cheerson CX-20 user manual download page.

You will find in this user manual everything you need to operate and fly this GPS quadcopter.

This aircraft is a DJI Phantom clone with a better price, has GPS, one button return home, altitude hold, headless flight, GoPro camera mount, stable mode and manual mode. This is the ultimate quadcopter in it’s price range for first person flight and aerial photography.

Basic operation of the Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter:

1. Binding the quadcopter

  • insert the battery into the quadcopter battery container and connect them. The Red indicator light and the Green indicator light will blink rapidly alternately;
  • turn on the transmitter, put the throttle stick to the lowest position, the binding with the quadcopter will succeed after the switching-on sound of the transmitter stops.

2. Receive the GPS signals with the aircraft

  • the first time outdoor, it takes longer to get the GPS signals, please wait about 2-3 minutes until the LED light becomes steady;
  • be careful, do not use the GPS Mode for indoor flight in order to avoid accidents.

3. Motor Unlock & Motor Lock

  • put down the throttle stick to the bottom right position, when the Red light become steady, the motors are unlocked;
  • once binding, put down the throttle stick on the transmitter to the bottom left position. when the Red light blinks, the motors are locked.

Calibration of the CX-20 quadcopter. If the quadcopter flies unsteadily, it needs to be recalibrated the gyros system:

  • move the throttle stick of the RC to bottom left, the Red light and Green light blinks alternately, then it is locked.
  • move the throttle stick to bottom right until the rear red and yellow lights blink alternately, then to take off the quadcopter and make it hover in the air for more than 20 seconds, land and lock it again. The aircraft will fly steadily after it is re-unlocked.

For more interesting and useful tips about operating the CX-20 multi-rotor please read the user manual.

Download the full Cheerson CX-20 user manual here:

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The Cheerson CX-20 user manual has only 7 pages but, you must read it before your first flight, especially if you are a beginner flyer.

Updates 2.14.2016

Joey Mirabelli and Edward Byrne created an nice tutorial about how to prepare your brand new CX-20 Open Source (aka Quanum Nova) for the first flight (download link below). You can follow them on the “Cheerson, Quanum & Twister Multirotors. Help, Info & Videos” Facebook group.

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  1. j’ai des soucis avec le drone nova quanum , au décollage il a une forte tendance a vouloir aller en arrière.
    I have problems with the drone nova quanum (aka cx20), at takeoff he has a strong tendency to want to go back.

  2. When I insert the battery, the red and green lights keep blinking rapidly, even though I turn on the transmitter. No matter what I do on the transmitter control, nothing happens with the motors when I try to give thrust, even though the beeping from the transmitter hand Control has stopped. Anyone has an idea what is wrong?
    Thank You very much.



  4. Hi,
    I have the cx20 open source quad. I am lost on why when i give it throttle maybe for few seconds then my battery is drained. I need help please. Thats with fully charged too.

  5. Guys.. A huge thank you to you both. I have not yet tried your updated Prameter file but the idea and the settings you had helped me check and repair a throttle level that went wrong on my CX20 (by itself I am sure0.
    I couldnt take off as max throttle turned out to be only 80 !!! I changed that to 1000 per your file and its smokin (good now not burning :D).
    Thankyou thankyou I thought my CX20 was headed for spare parts on a new one i cant really afford right now :D

  6. On opening my cx-20 i found a part that has come off the mother board somewhere i cant see where need a picture of a mother board to work it out, the part has markings 4jk 100 25v

  7. I just received the CX-20 as a Birthday present. My children purchased it from you. It is a MODE 1 even though I live in the US. I can live with that but did calibrating, gets GPS signal but when I hold the throttle down to the bottom right 5 to 10 seconds, the red/yellow lights doesn’t stop blinking.
    What am I doing wrong ?

  8. Hello.
    Could you please help me too. As soon as I connect my battery, even when fully charged, I get the low battery warning beeps and red and green lights flash. Also power is reduced and cx20 cannot take off.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you,

  9. New Cheerson cx 20 open source. I brought it outside and calibrated the drone spinning around and then nose down, placed it on level ground and disconnected the battery.
    Plugged it back in, and the front motor does not spin. It did in my house with no props and now this.\
    Please try to help. No computer for mission planner.

  10. I am in the process of purchasing a Cheerson CX-20 open source from Bestgear, or do you recommend anywhere else.
    I realize that you have to take off first, but can you enter orientation mode without having the CX-20 green light on steady and no GPS signal due to flying in a building. This winter I have a area to fly this quadcopter, but I do not think that there will be any GPS signal? The orientation mode is very important to me when flying.

    Thank you,
    From Greg

  11. When I plug in the battery both the green and red lights start blinking. After a few seconds the green light stops flashing and keeps steady but the red light is still flashing even when the transmitter is on.
    I can not unlock the CX-20’s motors and I do not know if the transmitter is binded or not.
    I have followed the instructions and I think I have done everything correctly. I do not know if I am doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with the quadcopter or the antennas.

    • Thomas I am experiencing the same problem.. the funny thing is I have been flying mine for many months without issues, then I decided to connect it to Mission Planner and set up more flight modes. since then the Green and red light lights display the way you have described and I can not fly. Did you come up with a fix??

  12. The manual is a lot better than the origional. But there are still some functions that it didn’t tell. How do I start the recording with its camera?

  13. i recently brought a cx 20. First real copter. I’ve been having tilting issues on takeoff but if flies well once it is in the air. Yesterday I thought about tuning it up in mission planner so I purchased the usb cable and connected it from the port in the bottom to my computer. For some reason I could not connect with MP so after a few minutes I decided to abort the tune up. Before I disconnected the usb, the copter started beeping really loud and the lights on the bottom of the copter were flashing on and off. I turned on the TX and tried to bind and I was able to but the GPS would not lock and the loud beeping continued. This was not the regular annoying beep that everyone complains about. This was like an alarm.
    I have no idea what to do.

    • Did you plug the USB with the Battery connected? they both should be connected. Also I get the beeping if I plug in the USB and not the battery.

  14. I get about 10 feet in the air to go into the stabilization hover, the instructions say to hover for at least 20 seconds, then land, then go again. While in my hover, I hear the Cheerson beep, then after say 30 seconds, it loses power. I can hardly hold position with throttle full on. What does that mean? I’ve ruled out the battery by testing the total current and all 3 cells are good.
    Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I have the Big Fly Shark version with big “D” letter. I would like to know how to wire it up and how to synchronize the motors and get them to start at the same time. I have the Cheerson CX 20 quadcopter. Please send me as much information as you can about the Cheerson CX-20, even about the down load for the controller.
    Thank You very much

  16. The green lights blinks when it is searching for a signal for satalites for GPS, steady green means it has found and locked on to GPS.
    You can fly it with it blinking but it will not RTH. (Return to home, launch) Wait till it is steady green light.

  17. when I plug the battery to copter, both light blinks and the green comes off and the red still blinks, I left it for 5 min and never the green comes steady, can I flight it before obtaining the green steady? if no, what you think is the problem , i tried calibration it did not help

    • The green light is when the GPS connects with 6 or more satillites. If it doesn’t hold steady you need to move to another location. or check your GPS

  18. Help me please. I do not understand the instructions for the CX-20 5mp Camera.

    I have it mounted. It will pan UP and DOWN.
    I do not understand the LIGHTS and how to record.
    The light is GREEN with no card installed.
    The light is RED with the memory card installed.

    Press button for 2+ seconds then ‘perturgartuion’ red blinking light ??
    Short press of button to take pictures of STATE ??
    game time and photo file reservation>

    Do not understand this…

    Also. i guess you have to turn on the camera before liftoff…
    Also, I guess it is VIDEO only, no ‘snap-shots’

  19. Hola desde chile me interesa ver tutoriales del cx20 en español y videos de como sacarle mejor partido al cx20.
    Si alguien me puede recomendar una pagina.

    • Lo mejor es que aprenda ingles, las instrucciones originales son traducidas del chino al ingles y son horribles no las entiende ni un gringo ni un ingles ni un chino, pero youtube esta lleno de buenos tutorials en ingles algunos con subtitulos (tambien en ingles pero mas facil de entender)

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for the manual! It is better than the original.
    I have CX-20
    When I fly in any height, if I switched to direction hold or position hold, the copter comes down to around 5-10 meter.
    Even if I give more trottle, it doesn’t lift up.
    If I switched off any auto mode, it lifts up quickly.
    Do you have any idea, why?

    Other question to manual.
    How the flight controller can be programmed? What is the software to use?

    If you send answer to my email, I appreciate!

    Thanks, Laszlo

    • The transmitter of the Cheerson Cx-20 quad it is very basic, it’s only an entry level.
      I don’t think you can make any firmware upgrade on it.



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