Cheerson TINY CX-95S and CX-95W FPV quads

Cheerson TINY CX-95S and CX95W quadcopters

Cheerson CX-95S & CX-95W, micro FPV quadcopters with ducted propellers

Honestly I like the idea that Cheerson’s new micro FPV series comes in parts and you have to assemble it. While the Cheerson CX-95S comes with F3 flight controller and DSM receiver (no TX included), the cheaper Cheerson CX-95W comes with their own flight controller and a toyish remote controller. Definitely, if I would request to review one of these two drones, I will opt for the more versatile CX-95S.

In case of both variants you can opt for 3 different colors of protective canopy (blue, green or orange).

Although nothing is mentioned about the FPV protocol used on the CX-95W I’m guessing that will be a 5.8G one. The CX-95W comes WiFi FPV, which means that you will be able to display the camera’s live-video feed on your mobile device (table or smartphone).

Based on my poor experience with 4-leaf propellers (find more on my FatBee FB90 review), I am glad that Cheerson opted for 3-blade propellers on these two new models.

According to the advertised specs, the flight autonomy of the CX-95S is about 4-5 minutes.

Cheerson TINY CX-95S highlights

  • DIY KIT, needs to be assembled;
  • Ducted propeller design;
  • Protective canopy (blue, orange or green);
  • Versatile F3 flight controller;
  • Brushed motors with connectors;
  • FPV camera;
  • About 4-5 minutes;
  • Up to 60 km flight speed.

Included with the Cheerson CX-95S drone

  • CX95 frame kit
  • Protective canopy;
  • 4 pieces of 720 coreless motors;
  • F3 brushed flight controller;
  • DSM radio receiver;
  • FPV camera;
  • 2 sets of 3-blade propellers;
  • Flight battery (1s 400mAh);
  • USB Charging cable;
  • Screw rubber set;
  • User guide.


  1. Its a great little quad, wish it had an FrSky version of this Cheerson CX-95S and I would pick it up in a heartbeat!
    Thanks for the news!


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