Coming soon: DJI FPV drone with FPV Goggles V2

DJI FPV Drone leaked photo

I’m sure that everyone has already seen these leaked photos of the upcoming DJI FPV drone. The images show DJI’s first FPV drone sold in combo with a new redesigned DJI FPV remote controller and possibly an upgraded DJI FPV Goggles V2. The source of the images is OsitaLV, the trustful and reputable DJI leaker.

2020 was quite an active year for DJI, they released two new drones (MINI 2 and Mavic Air 2) and three gimbals (Pocket 2, Osmo Mobile 3, and Ronin S 2). For sure, their FPV drone will be the cherry on the cake for many RC enthusiasts.

DJI’s first FPV drone has a cool spaceship style design with some frosted plastic canopy. Most likely it will feature GPS positioning and other smart functions. The battery seems to be loaded from the tail of the drone. As you see in the image below, there is a heat sink on top of the drone’s which could be the upgraded DJI Air Unit with an integrated flight controller.

Design of DJI FPV Drone
Image credit to OsitaLV

I already planned to make de switch from analog FPV to digital FPV in 2021, and I made some savings for this purpose. To be honest this leak stopped me from pulling the trigger. I found quite limiting that the actual DJI FPV goggles not have an HDMI input to connect a game console or other digital inputs. Hope that the V2 will have such features for the same price, of course.


DJI FPV drone video reviews

What we expect from the DJI FPV drone (desired features)

  • Robust carbon fiber frame with 4-5″ propellers;
  • To be lightweight (under 250 grams);
  • 4K@60fps on-board recording;
  • Mechanical gimbal stabilization and remote camera angle adjustment;
  • 4-6S battery compatibility;
  • 3 flight modes (Angle, Horizon, and Acro);
  • Top speed of 150~200kph;
  • GPS for fail-safe return to home;
  • Remote ID (UAS Remote Identification);
  • Lastly, to be affordable :).

DJI FPV Goggles V2 specs

  • Weight: Approx. 420 g (headband and antennas included);
  • Dimensions: 202×126×110 mm (antennas included), 184×122×110 mm (antennas excluded);
  • Screen Size: 2-inch × 2;
  • Screen Resolution (Single Screen): 1440 × 810;
  • Screen Renew Rate: 144 Hz;
  • Communication Frequency: 2.400 – 2.4835 GHz*; 5.725-5.850 GHz;
  • Only supports 5.8Ghz when used with DJI FPV Air Unit;
  • Transmitter Power (EIRP):
    • 2.400 – 2.4835 GHz FCC/MIC: ≤28.5 dBm; CE: ≤20 dBm; SRRC: ≤20 dBm; MIC: ≤20 dBm;
    • 5.725-5.850 GHz FCC/MIC: ≤31.5 dBm; CE: ≤14 dBm; SRRC: ≤19 dBm;
  • Live View Mode: Low-Latency Mode (810p 120fps); High-Quality Mode (810p 60fps)
  • Video Format: MP4 (Video format: H.264);
  • Supported Video Play Format: MP4, MOV, MKV (Video format: H.264; Audio format: AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AC-3, MP3)
  • FOV: Adjustable from 30° to 54°. Adjustable image size from 50%-100%;
  • Interpupillar Distance Range: 58 -70 mm;
  • Supported Storage Card: microSD cards with storage capacities of up to 256GB;
  • DJI FPV Goggles Battery:
    • Capacity: 1800 mAh
    • Voltage: 9 V (Max.)
    • Type: LiPo 2S
    • Energy: 18 Wh
    • Max Charging Power: 10 W
    • Battery Life: Approx. 110 minutes (measured in an environment of 25°C at maximum brightness level)

Last updated on January 11, 2021


  1. Does anyone know if I’m able to use the dji v2 remote with another brand fpv drone if it has Dji Air Unit onboard? I’m looking at the iFlight Nazgul HD

  2. DJI latest firmware update causes FPV drone to brick with a “Fly Safe Database error”. Do not update till they fix this issue!

  3. Don’t buy the DJI fpv drone. My best friend bought one from best buy flew 3 times, and it fell out of the sky for no reason he sent it in and after 2 weeks they hit him back with an email with what is broken and no warranty replacement… just a discount coupon…

  4. I just received my DJI V2 goggles and I have an activation problem. It can be only activated by binding to a DJI FPV drone… Any suggestion???

  5. End of story!!!
    DJI Digital FPV System is no longer in production. For the latest in DJI technology, please view our product recommendations below.

  6. Hi Guys! Just git my DJI FPV kit, please advise if stock Googles v2 antennas are ok or it’s better to change them?

  7. I feel like I made the worst investment of my life with this DJI FPV drone.. Everyone is breaking bad. For sure it is the most expensive 5 minutes of fun!

  8. The battery doesn’t last as they advertised. In 6 minutes goes from 100% to 25-30%. So 10-12 minutes to be a realist.

  9. Any news on a firmware fix yet on the v2’s that are stuck in drone mode, and can’t activate either? … If I understood correctly, video out via USB will be never added…

  10. In case you can’t activate your v2 goggles because you don’t have the dji fpv drone, the only option is to go to the nearest DJI store and pair goggles with an exhibition drone…
    Not the easiest, but the only solution for now :(

  11. I just received mine. Honestly, I don’t think that it deserves most of the hate it gets from the FPV community!

  12. Hi guys, just ordered the dji fpv drone combo. but I’m looking for a micro FPV drone compatible with dji controller and goggles v2, to train and crash. Any suggestion?

  13. Props constantly visible in-camera with DJI FPV drone??? Well, this is will a huge turn-off for the FPV community …

  14. Been watching DJI FPV videos all morning. From honest like reviews to stupid crashes.
    From what I’ve seen, the aircraft itself and the gear that accompanies it is extremely well-done. Incredible speeds, battery life, and high-quality video feed all for a reasonable price.

    • The DJI FPV drone sucks! It’s way underpowered compared to any other 5″ FPV drone. The obstacle avoidance is crazy annoying for pro pilots.

  15. Leaks say that DJI is now involved in some kind of pattent infringement (again), not sure it would affect the FPV drone launch event.

  16. The new DJI teaser video hints at the DJI FPV drone’s ability to record video footage at a 4K resolution with 60fps. Pretty sweet!

  17. DJI support confirmed that V2 fpv goggles still need to be plugged into smart controller and has no other video out! So zero upgrade.

    • It would be really cool if they sold the V2 in a different color……so we could actually tell the difference between V1 and V2…

  18. It is official!
    The DJI FPV Goggles V2 is listed on DJI’s online store starting with today (11 January).
    Price is USD $569. For now, you have only ‘In Stock Reminder’.

  19. Has anyone pre-ordered DJI FPV V2 goggles? There was a link last week on an FPV parts store that allowed pre-ordering. After searching unsuccessfully for V1 around Christmas time, I jumped in the V2 pre-order. They say that should arrive by end of the month. It was only $599, so no big difference compared to the out of stock older version…

    • I forget to mention, that their website shows ‘We will be shipping these out first to preorders and if there is any left we will be updating stock around Jan 20th’ finger crossed :)

  20. I was hoping that DJI at least will change the padding on V2, but unfortunately looks like it is the same crap as on V1…

  21. Would like a 4K DJI Air Unit 2 to fly without GoPro. Also, solve the “slow SD card” issue. The new v2 FPV Goggles should be compatible with both digital and analog FPV

  22. I got a digital FPV drone for Xmas. Should I buy the old DJI FPV controller? Or wait and see what DJI will release new in January 2021.

  23. I wanna get an FPV drone for my son. He’s 14th and never flown before so something easy to fly which is hard to crash. I read that DJI makes pretty good camera drones that everyone can fly. Will this FPV quad include their technology?

    Any suggestions?

    • FPV drones are inherently harder to fly since they are unstable. Personally I definitely recommend getting something like the Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 and getting used to that. You won’t be doing acrobatics, buts it’s great (and fun) to learn the basics on until this comes out.

    • Start with a tiny whoop. He can fly inside, they are durable, and when he’s ready he can switch to acro mode. Best way to learn in my opinion. Also, there are some great sims out there to get the basics down before hitting the sky

    • If he really wants to get into hobby, a tiny whoop is the best place to start as was mentioned before, but … I personally recommend going directly train in ACRO mode. You will want to switch to it anyway if you want to fly outside and it’s kind of hard switching from autolevel modes to ACRO (I know this from experience).

      If indoor flying is not something that’s really possible, then I really recommend learning flying in a simulator (Velocidrone, Liftoff, …) first using the actual radio controller they are going to use for flying and fly in the simulator in acro mode. Simulators don’t fly quite like real FPV quads, but they are a good approximation to get a hang of the acro mode flying. At least to get the basic things like how to launch, how to hover, how to move forward, how to make simple turns, how to do basic flips etc… before taking the whoop outdoors.

  24. Over the last 5 years, I have flown many DJI drones – but never an FPV one. Very interested in getting into this hobby I will be probably between the first who places his order for this new drone

  25. Looks like the new V2 DJI FPV Goggles use two transmitting antennas and two receiving antennas. Wonder how that will affect performance compared to the 3+1 configuration of the original v1 goggles.

  26. I expect 4 things from the new V2 Dji FPV Goggles:
    1. OELD screens for better contrast and true black;
    2. HDMI in / out;
    3. Better fit faceplate;
    4. Compatibility with old Caddx Vista and DJI Air Unit.

    • The new DJI FPV combo pack (drone + RC + goggles) will be probably over $1000.
      Currently they sell the ‘DJI FPV Experience Combo’ (FPV Goggles, Transmitter, Camera and Air Unit) for $819


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