Phantom 3 Standard sale: Only 372.67€ from Europe

Phantom 3 Standard for sale from Europe

Evan if we introduced the Phantom 3 Standard 3 years ago, it is still a good entry level drone with plenty of nice features. As it has become discontinued by DJI, you can find it only from some third-party retailers. Now, during flash sale, you can grab one from TomTop for 372.67 euro.

Admittedly, at that time I was a bit confused by DJI’s announcement for another Phantom 3 model, shortly after they released the Professional and Advanced versions. Lately, I found out that DJI’s purpose with the Standard version was to offer something more affordable for those with limited budged.

All 3 versions share the same fuselage, flight system, battery and blades, but the Standard lacks the vision positioning sensors, which faces downwards and allows the Advanced and Professional to fly close to the ground indoors without a GPS coverage.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Main specs

  • Flight time: 25 mins;
  • Charging time: 55 mins;
  • Advertised range: 500 meters (in open field, limited by CE rules);
  • Video resolution: 2.7K (up to 2704x1520p@30fps);
  • Photo resolution: 12Mp;
  • Photo modes: Single Shot, Burst Shooting 3/5/7 shots and Time-lapse;
  • Weight: 1.22 kg (FAA certification required).

As not all of us have 4k TVs yet, the “only” 2.7K video resolution offered by the 12MP camera is just fine for most of us. The camera features wireless video transmission (WiFi FPV) which allows to display the live video stream on your phone. Thanks to the 3-axis mechanical gimbal, the recorded aerial footage is very smooth.

While the included remote control gives you the conventional flying experience, the DJI GO App allows the Phantom 3 Standard to fly autonomously.

If you are considering purchasing your first quadcopter, you are undoubtedly looking at DJI’s drones. Their products are, at this point, this industry’s standard. You can find the Phantom 3 Standard here for only 372.67 euro from Germany\European warehouse.

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