Dragonfly KK13 aka JJRC X15: Parrot Anafi clone?

Dragonfly KK13

Update: After 6 months of the original Dragonfly’s announcement, a new rebranded model came on the market. The new JJRC X15 Dragonfly 2020 follows the KK13 in every design detail. It is practically the same drone in a different box.

The Dragonfly KK13 drone features Parrot Anafi alike foldable design and it will be available with two types of camera. While the 1080P version is advertised for $159.99, the 4K UD edition can be purchased for 169.99 – I think the extra 10 bucks are worth being spent for a better camera. Both camera versions feature 2-axis mechanical stabilization and WiFi real-time image transmission.

Thanks to the wide range of tilt/pan angle adjustment (±85° – total of 170°) you can remotely switch from front view to ground view, or even to sky view – quite unique feature.

At the end of each foldable arm, there is a 1406 type brushless motor driven by a 12A ESC. The powerful propulsion system allows max flight speed of 30Km/h and winds of force 7.

Dragonfly KK13 / JJRC X15 features & specs

  • Folding bionic design (similar to Parrot Anafi);
  • Powerful brushless motors (1406 25.16 w);
  • 7-level wind resistance;
  • Super stable hovering (GPS + Optical flow + Pneumatic);
  • 4K camera (Sony IMX378 sensor);
  • 2-axis mechanical image stabilization;
  • Remote angle adjustment (±85°);
  • Smart flight modes (Surround, Far Away, Follow up and Gesture controls);
  • Fail-safe return to home (Low battery & RC connection loss);
  • Up to 1200 meters control range;
  • About 28 minutes of flight time.

Price & Availability

Now you can pre-order the KK13 4K drone for $169.99 – this price includes a remote controller, flight battery, and spare propellers. The new, 2020 JJRC X15 can be ordered from Banggood for US$229.99 with 3 batteries.

Box content

Box content:

  • KK13 drone;
  • Remote Control;
  • 7.6V/3000mAh aircraft battery;
  • USB Charging Cable;
  • One pair of spare propellers
  • Screwdriver;
  • Storage Bag;
  • Drone Manual.
Dragonfly KK13 details – closer look on main parts
Propulsion system of Dragonfly KK13 drone
Propulsion system
Photo of Dragonfly KK13 battery
Power system
Positioning system
Positioning system


  1. they sell at banggood, thats a beautiful drone…. a beautiful peace of crap, don’t come here insult everybody with that Chinese clone crap…… read the reviews on amazon and banggood, that crap sucks, i have a friend that bought one of those, result of the first flight…… the drone is in the bottom of a river

  2. I have a Parrot Anafi, and I like it’s versatility, ease of control, and the camera freedom of movement to perform 180° swivel from 90° up, to 90° down.
    Also dual image quality and fps rates.
    GPS positioning is nice, but one drawback is the landing accuracy is poor.
    Unstable in moderate lateral winds.
    The Anafi also does not allow for adjusting minimum altitude. I like to fly just above ground level, and my minimum is about 3 feet. Too high for me. I would like to fly at 1 foot levels.
    Ultrasonic ground sensing is okay, but purposely defeating it, causes the craft to jump up and down, wholly unstable.
    Controls are responsive, but the arms are not rugged. I had a moderate sized bird attack mine, folded a leg, and it crashed.
    One arm was cracked where the motor is mounted.
    I added strengthening ribs, and added foam cushions to the front, top and bottom to minimize damage from rough landings.
    This copy, looks very close to the Anafi, except under the battery, where I see no SD card slot. I easily fill up the supplied 16GB card, so a 32GB card would be my minimum.

    • The specs says:
      Image Resolution: 2592*1520 (TF Card), 3840*2160 (FPV)
      Video Resolution: 2592*1920 25frames (TF Card), 1280*720 25frames (FPV)

      So it should have a micro SD card slot!


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