Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 FPV quadcopter

Eachine Q90 quadcopter

Eachine Q90 drone with F3 flight controller and 1000TVL FPV camera

After the invasion of ducted drones, Eachine returned to the classic propeller protectors. The Eachine FlyingFrog Q90 adopts a nice frog alike design.

According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between 3 RX/TX protocols (FrSky, Flysky or DSM2). The RX module is advertised with small size, so it is not integrated into the flight controller like in case of other models.

In front of the drone is located the 1000TVL camera. The 5.8G real-time video transmission is achieved using a 200mW 40channel VTX.

Like the Eachine FatBee FB90, this FlyingFrog Q90 is also powered by 2 cell batteries (7.4v 2s). Higher voltage means more power but unfortunately, based on my experience, also shorter motor lifespan.

Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 features and specs

  • 90mm frame with protective canopy;
  • Versatile F3 flight controller;
  • Multiple flight modes;
  • Optional receiver board (FrSky, Flysky or DSM2);
  • 8520 brushed motors and 55mm 2-leaf propellers (14000KV);
  • 2s LiPo battery for more punch;
  • 1000TVL camera;
  • 5.8G real-time image transmission (FPV);
  • Up to 8 minutes of flight time.

Eachine Q90 package includes

  • Q90 frame kit;
  • Protective canopy;
  • 4 pieces of 8520 coreless motors;
  • F3 flight controller;
  • Receiver board;
  • 1000TVL camera;
  • 200mW 40CH 5.8G VTX;
  • 2 sets of propellers;
  • Propeller protectors;
  • 7.4V 2s flight battery (2s);
  • USB charging cable.


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