Eachine Goggles Two FPV glasses with HDMI

Eachine Goggles Two FPV glassses

Eachine Goggles Two with 5″ LCD and built-in 40CH video receiver

Eachine just announced an upgraded version of the popular Googles One. The newer Eachine Goggles Two promise better cooling management and much comfortable usage. Unfortunately, like its predecessor, it will not feature built-in DVR.

In order to allow optimal signal reception, the Eachine Goggles Two comes with two 5.8G antennas (mushroom and flat-panel).

On the right side of the FPV goggles are located the 5 control buttons (Scan, AV/HDMI, Enter, + and -), headphone jack and HDMI IN connector.

Thanks to the HDMI IN you can use this Eachine Goggles Two FPV glasses together with the popular DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4 quadcopters. Also you can use it to watch your favorite movie connected to a portable media player.

Although we know this Eachine FPV glasses is powered by a high capacity 2s 1600 mAh battery there is nothing mentioned in the specs about the operation time.

Eachine Goggles Two features and specs

  • Integrated 40 CH 5.8G receiver (with raceband);
  • Dual-antenna system for stable signal reception;
  • 5″ LCD display with brightness and contrast adjustment;
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 video resolution;
  • HDMI input;
  • Headphone output with adjustable volume;
  • Adjustable head straps.

Included with Eachine Goggles 2

  • 7.4V 1600mAh battery;
  • Mushroom head antenna;
  • Flat-panel antenna;
  • HDMI to USB cable;
  • micro USB cable;
  • Instruction guide.



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