Eachine H8 3D Mini Quad

Eachine H8 3D Mini

Eachine H8 3D Mini with up-side-down flight mode

This Eachine H8 3D Mini is an upgraded version of the word’s cheapest quadcopter the H8 Mini. The main new feature of this model is the inverted flight mode, which is interesting but also costs. The price of the H8 3D Mini qudcopter is almost double compared to the older model. To be more attractive, this new Eachine model is available in 3 vivid colors (green, blue and orange) instead of the boring black of the H8mini.

In order to achieve the inverted flight mode, the quadcopter requires a higher capacity battery. The Eachine H8 3D Mini is powered with a 220mAh battery, not just a 150mAh like the one of the previous model.

The tiny transmitter may be a little small for an adult’s hands but all the controls can be easily accessed.

This kind of mini quadcopters are very entertaining, they are perfect to have some fun time and relaxing moments during the lunch breaks at the office. I have one in my desk drawer at the office too, I hope my boss will not catch me playing with it :).

Eachine H8 3D Mini features and specs

  • Inverted up-side-down flight mode;
  • 3D flips;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home (RTH);
  • LED lights;
  • Control range: up to 30 meters;
  • Play time: about 6-8 minutes;
  • LOW battery protection;
  • Available colors: blue, green and orange;

Eachine H8 3D Mini package includes:

  • The mini quadcopter with 3.7V 220mAh battery;
  • Remote controller;
  • USB battery charging cable;
  • 2pcs of spare propellers (A and B);
  • Foam landing pads;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Eachine H8 3D Mini user manual.



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