Eachine Pioneer E350 quadcopter for aerials

Eachine Pioneer E350 drone

Eachine Pioneer E350 – The new Phantom killer ?

Finally, after several racing models, Eachine surprised us with a nice cruising quadcopter. This Eachine Pioneer E350 equipped with a GoPro or Xiaomi camera looks just perfect for aerial filming. In order to allow smooth and vibration free videos this quadcopter is equipped with a 2-axis brushless gimbal.

The design of this Eachine model somehow reminds me about the Cheerson CX-35. It has about the same color combination and it also has two cool frontal LEDs.

Checking the specs I found only the capacity of the battery but nothing mentioned about the flight autonomy. In my opinion, the 2200mAh battery should allow about 15 minutes of continuous flight.

Thanks to the GPS positioning system, the Eachine Pioneer E350 is capable for automatically return to the take-off point if the communication is lost with transmitter.

Although I realized that I have no more room for new toys, I’m still curious to test this Pioneer E350 quad and I will contact BG to see if they can provide me a sample in order to review it.

Eachine Pioneer E350 features and specs

  • GPS positioning system;
  • Altitude hold;
  • One key return to home;
  • Failsafe RTL;
  • Intelligent orientation control;
  • Follow me function;
  • 20A brushless ESC;
  • Powerful brushless motors (2212 980KV);
  • Self-tightening propellers;
  • 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro and alike cameras.

Included with the Eachine Pioneer E350

  • 2 axis brushless gimbal;
  • 8CH transmitter;
  • 3s 2200 mAh flight battery;
  • Balance battery charger ;
  • 1 set of propellers (9045);
  • 2 landing gears;
  • Optional 915MHz telemetry kit;
  • Pioneer E350 user manual.

First images with the Eachine Pioneer E350 drone


  1. I really want that Pioneer it’s exactly what I need being a single dad I have to find the cheapest way to get it any suggestions sorry to bug you I appreciate the help of you can

  2. Does anyone here know the pinouts on the E350 copter and the Walkera G-2D gimbal? I have both and I want to enable pitch and roll control from my flight controller.

  3. More features than the CX-20? NO WAY! Show me, us, how to mod in a 5200mAh, and mod the range, and mod the gps, and mod… I think you get my point.

  4. Eachine Pioneer E350 is the bird I have been waiting for!
    It has more features than the XK X380 and Cheerson CX20 and is ideal as a travel camera bird due to its compact size.
    I fly mine with a G2D brushless gimbal from Walkera and am blown away by the results thus far.
    The build quality is superb and it can really take a knock.
    This will be a smash hit!


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