Eachine VR006 mini FPV goggles

VR-006 – Ultra compact and dirt cheap FPV glasses from Eachine

Following the success of the VR-007, Eachine just announced a new even more compact FPV goggles called VR-006.

Thanks to the Eachine VR006‘s AV-In plug, you can display alternatively the FPV signal from your drone and a second video signal from another source (like external VTX or directly connected TVL camera).

In order to ensure a good FPV reception, this Eachine goggles is equipped with two different type of 5.8G antennas (Clover and Panel).

On the left side of the Eachine VR006 FPV goggles there are 4 control buttons (+, – , Menu and Scan). They allow to adjust the Contrast, Brightness and Saturation levels.

To reach a low weight, the Eachine VR-006 goggles adopts a small 3″ LCD screen instead of a larger 5″ – 7″ one. Smaller display also means less power consumption. The VR-006 is powered by a 500mAh battery (1s – 3.7v) which allows about 60 minutes of continues use (at least according to the manufacturer’s specs).

Eachine VR006 menu options

Eachine VR006 features and specs

  • Compact and Light;
  • Adjustable head band;
  • 3″ LCD screen (500×300 pixels);
  • Brightness, Contrast and Saturation adjustment;
  • One Key Auto Search function;
  • Support OSD function (battery level);
  • AV-IN for external video source;
  • Single receiver with dual antenna (clover and panel antenna);
  • Build in 3.7V 500mAh battery (about 1h working time).
  • Micro USB charging port.

Eachine VR-006 mini FPV glasses

Included with the VR-006 goggles

  • 5.8G Clover antenna;
  • 5.8G Panel antenna;
  • USB charging cable;
  • Cleaning cloth;
  • User Manual.



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