Coming soon: Emax Buzz Freestyle FPV racing drone

Emax Buzz Freestyle FPV racing drone

With the newly designed Frestyle brushless motors, the Emax Buzz pushes new boundaries in terms of performance. While the 4S version comes with 2400KV motors and Avan Flow 5043 propellers, the much powerful 6s edition with 1700KV motors and Avan Scimitar 5026 blades.

Both Emax Buzz variants are build on the same type of 245mm sized 3K woven carbon fiber frame. Like in case of GOFly-RC Scorpion, the battery is installed on top of the air-frame using two velcro bands.

The Caddx Micro S1 camera is well protected by an aluminium frame. The real-time image transmission is achieved using a 5.8G/37CH VTX.

Emax Buzz Freestyle camera

Emax Buzz 245mm features & specs

  • 245mm sized 3K woven carbon fiber frame;
  • Aluminium camera frame protector;
  • Omnibus F4 flight controller;
  • FreeStyle 2306 2400KV (4S Version) or FreeStyle 2306 1700KV (6S Version);
  • 45A BLheli_32 32bit DShot1200 4-in-1 ESC (4-6S rated);
  • Avan Flow 5043 3-Blade (4S) or Avan Scimitar 5026 3-Blade (6S) propellers;
  • Caddx Micro S1 camera;
  • 5.8G/37CH VTX w/ smart audio and adjustable power (0/25/200mW);
  • XT60 battery plug (1300-1800mAh 4S LIPO or 1000-1300mah 6S LIPO).


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